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  1. First time it doesn't work. I tried reboot and Total Security database update. Next I unistalled Armory Crate, Rog Service. Next uninstalled AI Suite III using "UninstallAI3Tool_1.00.04". Next I cleared lefover information using RevoUninstaller. Next I reboot ann install AI Suite III again, install Armory Crate and reboot. Now it works all!!! Thanks. Hope not to have similar issues anymore with KTS.
  2. I hope so. I use Kaspersky over 12 years, no any issues before, but KAV really saves my files during virus or trojan inquire. Now I use Kasperski Total Security. I have ASUS PRIME TRX40 PRO and ASUS PRIME X570 PRO motherboards with all software installed. Aura and Ai suite stopped on both, Armory Crate still runs but malfunctioned.
  3. Hi, I have same issue. Tried reinstall Asus AI suite last 4 days. Have issues with Aura light, none of RGB devices control work. I use latest Total Security. If uninstall - ASUS software works. Hope Kasperski will solve issue ASAP.
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