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  1. I didn't say I found a solution to the problem I still have now. One I had before was also related to proper functioning of Kaspersky VPN. After about a month of correspondence with the tech support, when they requested tons of reports and screen copies and, finally, as a solution, suggested re-installing the software and Windows (!!!), I found out that the problem could have been resolved in a very simple and quick way - I had Kaspersky Security Data Escort Adapter (or whatever it was called at that time) disabled, switching it back to life immediately resolved the problem. The other one was with having Kaspersky Password Manager linked to one account on multiple devices with access by multiple users, which, without any warning led to mix up of all passwords and sharing them between the users (!!! security at its best). It turned out such use was not anticipated by creators of the PM and no measures taken to prevent such event. Kaspersky tech support could only explain that such use was not expected and as a solution suggested to purchase multiple copies of the PM. Finally, I had to resolve the problem myself, but how I did that, I can't recall now.
  2. Kaspersky technical support is useless. Two times before I contacted them and, after weeks going back and force, finally found solutions myself.
  3. Received notification about the comment posted on January 12th only today, January 27th (???). VPN version: Complete removal/re-installation didn't change anything in the program's behavior.
  4. Two related problems: 1. VPN never re-connects after PC re-connects to the same LAN (for any reason), can spend hours showing "Connecting..." 2. VPN never re-connects after changing VPN servers. It either stays in "Connecting..." state forever or shows "VPN connection is not available". In both cases, only restarting PC fixes the problem. All attempts to stop program/service block internet connection, service starts but shows only "VPN connection is not available". Thank you for any help.
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