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  1. @Flood and Flood's wife I thought I’d have a bash at not entirely giving up on this so have uninstalled and re-installed, so now: I am getting DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET errors in chrome. Nope sorry may get round to at some point.However! I have now determined that it IS working but not with some of the servers that have worked prior to my Windows update. Long story short I had got into the habit of connecting via an Argentinian server…. well that is what isn’t working anymore (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET). Germany server however is fine - I’m in the UK. So not sure what is going on but that appears to be the latest on it my end.
  2. @AlRashed Apologies for any confusion - I meant Windows 11 is out of beta now so why the eff does Kaspersky VPN not work with it? The devs should have been testing during the lengthy beta period of Windows 11 to ensure compatibility. The release should come as no surprise to anyone imo. Anyway, I’ve cancelled my subscription and will just have to wait and see when a patch/release is launched that is compatible. Guess I’ll take a look at an alternative in the meantime.
  3. It’s out of beta now. Not quite sure why secure connection isn’t working but surely it should be by now. I guess I’ll just have to cancel my subscription if this drags on much longer.
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