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  1. Recently i've had issue's over the Past Month of Games having issues accessing the Internet. "Satisfactory" can't Access the Epic Online Servers (EOS) google and tried fixes. nothing worked. just played single player. Tried to install the "EPIC launcher". Launcher couldn't update. Tried fixes. nothing worked. gave up. was playing "Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms" for a week, then 1 day couldn't access Servers. tried multiple fixes. nothing has Worked. Play it on the laptop now. Then today i turned the PC on and loaded up Discord. Discord is in a Update loop. Googled Fixes and the last thing to try was Turning off the Firewall and ur Virus Scanner. It worked. Discord now works. turns on Kaspersky and the Firewall and it crashes. Turns them back off. Discord works, Idle works, Satisfactory works....not trying EPIC again. Why would Kaspersky be blocking them, even if they're in the Exceptions list?
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