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  1. Mr. Schulte ( Moderator) , After your reply i upload that file to your provided link ( VirusTotal) i got the result that is " No security vendors and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious" I already shared the link of that malicious software source link with kaspersky team through Support. Zemana detect the virus when we installed exe file and click to open then it reported trojan. I request to you please delete my above post query solved. discuss with team through email. Thanks Mr. Schulte for your quick response.
  2. Kaspersky Internet Security not able to detect Trojan/Win32:HighScore.AI!2!81 . I was using Kaspersky Internet security trial version from 23/08/2022 , but its failed in detected " Trojan/Win32:HighScore.AI!2!81" . i already discuss over chat with executive but not get any solution. i think Kaspersky not able to secure my laptop from malicious software's. I download that malicious software for the the testing purpose but in testing " Kaspersky Internet security Failed " That malicious software detect by Zemana Antimalware. screenshot attached. Explain: After install that malicious software KIS not give any notification or not quarantine that exe file. but zemana antimalware blocked the execution of that malicious software. Before install that malicious software i run scan both show the status that malicious software is clean, but when running the exe, the Zemana blocks it and places it in Quarantine. But Kaspersky Internet Security not. I am not able to attach that software due to file big in size almost 149MB . Thanks NS
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