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  1. hi i was googing and clicked on a result/website that had ksc blocked a whole bunch of items (see screenshot). 2 questions 1) i did a full system scan after and no threats detected - does that mean i'm in the clear? 2) from the logs, why is there a 10min lag between the top 2 items against the others? thanks!
  2. @Berny that works like a charm, thanks! @Igor Kurzin yup, a laptop
  3. hi, am on win10 64bit, KSC free i understand the background scan is to be run daily… mine hasn’t been run in 3 days i have tried disabling/enabling it and restarting the program but nothing works. is there any other way to trigger it or how else can i execute a rootkit search? would quick scan do that too?
  4. hi @Flood and Flood's wife i don’t see that in notification settings… has it been worded differently? the screenshots (i whited out a couple portions)… i couldn’t retrigger the events so attaching the previous ones.
  5. hi @Flood and Flood's wife , Which patch is KSC (g) When you say “ file scan”, is it Selective scan, Scan from context menu or another scan → which scan is generating the events? i think it’s an auto scan? it’s under file anti-v in reports. When each object is manually scanned, does it generate the same error? nope. comes out clean Are the “Object not processed “ events marked with a blue, yellow or red icon {because the image has been cropped, it’s impossible for us to see what you actually see}? yellow triangle. Is 'Log non-critical events' enabled? i’m using KSC free… there’s no option for that under settings > reports and quarantine... Do the following → go to Manage settings, select Export, save KSC configuration, select Restore, shutdown the machine, using Shutdown, not Restart, power on, login, replicate the “Object not processed “ events issue & post back a full screen image of the events issue, including the desktop Taskbar date & time please? i’ll do that in a bit - the edge data0000 error has cropped up the last few days though.
  6. hi @Flood and Flood's wife , thought i did provide the info in the original post but here they are again: Version of your operating system - win10 64bit Name and version number of the Kaspersky application: security cloud v21.3.10.391 What is the actual size of each object? respectively of the exe files, 21.3mb (acrobat), 5.96mb (edge), 116mb (teams). i don’t know how to access the res file within the exe files. Is the image from Kaspersky Security Cloud Reports? yes. hope these help. fwiw kaspersky skipped these due to size (per my screenshots above) and malwarebytes didn’t flag anything… just weird for me that 3 diff exes have a similar named data0000 file
  7. using Security cloud free, OS: win10 64bit i keep seeing these Event: Object not processed errors in file scan for same data0000 file across 3 different files - is it a malware? quick and full scans flag no issues, i checked these exe files on virustotal and they came back clean:
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