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  1. I would agree with George. I have already passed on the information about what has happened to the University IT department because they currently have a site wide Kapersky licence. Thankfully we did not see the problem as we use a different product and the attachment rename feature is active with suitable defaults. However Kaperskys quality control for product updates and its ability to deal with problems means that I no longer feel it is a suitable product for the University to use.
  2. Will Kapersky provide some process for correcting the attachment filenames for many years worth of Emails?
  3. The “rename attachments of selected types” option appears to have been introduced sometime between version and and the [removed by Moderator] at Kapersky picked the wrong default option so by default it went through renaming all the attachments after the update. It is possible that they have realised the problem because the PC that is still at is not updating to a more recent version if I request an update. Perhaps they should offer a fix that repairs the damage they have caused?
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