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  1. Hi, Kaspersky doesn't import my settings as instructed. When I go to "Import settings", I choose the .cfg file and then, at the end of the process my settings aren't imported; My version of Kaspersky is 21.6 This happens both on Windows 11 21H1 and 22H2. The only thing that I did in the meantime was to switch from Windows 11 Pro to Home; before that I didn't have problems with the settings export/import. I hope that this is not the problem, is it?
  2. @Flood and Flood's wife Why is the 21.5 released in the EU so late? Is there any particular reason? I was hoping that I could install the new version soon.
  3. Hi, If you haven’t received the latest “h” patch yet, try this trick (found on another forum). 1. Open Kaspersky > Settings > General > Disable Self-Defense 2. Find the Kaspersky icon on the lower right corner of the system, and right click > pause protection 3. Open the system's registry editor (regedit), (You can find it by typing "regedit" through the search function in the lower left corner of the system) 4. If your system is 64bit, find : Code: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\KasperskyLab\AVP XXXX\environment If your system is 32bit, find : Code: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KasperskyLab\AVPXXX\environment 5. Find 【UpdateTarget】, double click mouse left button , and delete the value data of【UpdateTarget】. 6. Open the Kaspersky , and execute the update , you should see the update file size around 8~10MB , than it means you are success . 7. Restore Kaspersky's self-protection and restart the system. This worked for me; I immediately received the patch “h”.
  4. @lilium66 yes, indeed. It is in these situations like yours that having a backup code is essential.
  5. I tried to follow your link, but in the main UI of the installation page it said that that package is not intended to use in the EU. I did this and find the right pack: -I visited the Kaspersky Global website: https://www.kaspersky.com/ -I visited the page for Kaspersky Security Cloud personal -I selected the 30-day free trial button -From the drop-down menu, I selected “European Union” and then I selected “Download now”
  6. @Berny How do I do that? I need to download it from the English site of Kaspersky?
  7. Hi, I installed an Italian trial version of KSC, and I purchased also a 1-year license. Now, I’d like to change my language of KSC to English (I have already set up my Windows 10 computer on English US and also the My Kaspersky. I tried the combination of Shift + F12, but every time I reboot the computer the UI switch again to Italian; also, the Edge extension also is in Italian. Any advice? Thanks.
  8. In my case this problem was created on one occasion by Heimdal Thor Foresight, then, the second time, the cause was the enhanced keyboard driver of Vmware Workstation Player. As I uninstalled Thor Foresight and uninstalled the enhanced keyboard driver of Vmware the problem disappeared.
  9. Hi. I found an interesting promo for Kaspersky Security Cloud on Amazon.it, so I would like to buy two 1-year licenses for this good offer. But I was wondering what happens when I add my second license key in My Kaspersky. It will be consumed the first 1-year license, and then the second 1-year license starts? Could you explain me well how does it work, and if there is a limit of how many licenses I can store in my account? Thanks.
  10. In my case the source of the problem was Heimdal Thor Foresight; I only had the proactive protection, but I didn’t know it used HIPS for preventing malware, so I uninstalled it and the problem with Kaspersky is gone.
  11. The same issue happens to me and it’s very annoying. I see lots of posts in the community. Why the problem still persists and what is the source of it?
  12. I never contacted Kaspersky support in the past. Could you explain how can I do that? Thanks.
  13. Actually, I use Enpass as 2FA app method, but the point is another. I think that there must be the option to create backup code(s) to access the account in case something goes wrong.
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