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  1. hello all, just to update you. Finally I got it works, yes!? What I gone thru were: Uninstalled and reinstall Spotify, it did not work Then I uninstalled and download latest? KASP internet security and re installed. it works straight away without any tweaking on KASP setting. Thanks all for your effort to help. ?
  2. @Berny, yes done that, I think I have to uninstall and re install both KASP and spotify, thank you all for your helps, appreciated, will report back later
  3. as soon as I paused KASP. spotify works, I think I am going to give up on KASP
  4. hi all, Anyone can help me please, looks like Kasp Firewall keeps blocking my spotify app in Windows 10. I can get around it by pause Kasp protection, however every time protection resume, spotify stop working, it is so annoying. I tried to adjust setting in Kasp. but I am stuck. Thanks in advance.
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