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  1. Hi I am aware of what the documentation states. My question was whether it is ever possible, when KIS is set to scan removable drives, for malware to automatically execute and infect a PC when a USB stick is inserted, i.e. is it ALWAYS save to plug in a USB drive even if you do not know what is on it? Nick
  2. I have been using Quick Scan on the assumption that it would stop any malware on the USB stick from automatically executing, but not necessarily detect any malware present that would require manual intervention to run. Is this correct? (A full scan of the USB drive could take a long time, and it is quicker to scan files after they have been transferred to the PC).
  3. I already have Removable Drive Scan enabled. Does this mean that KIS will always prevent any malware automatically running when a USB stick is inserted? I don't have Detailed Scan on insertion selected, however I do scan after transferring files to check that no malware has been transferred to the PC.
  4. Does the Windows version of Kaspersky Internet Security completely protect a PC from being infected when a USB drive containing malware is plugged in?
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