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  1. I am totally agree with you, the problem persists and I really wonder if Kaspersky is trying to fix it. Otherwise I really could end my subscription if the problem doesn’t get to and end.
  2. I'm not as experienced as you with the terminal thing, but I really hope to get a functional installer from the technical support. //Mod edit: Please contact Tech Support, because that is the correct, supported solution at this time. This topic is temporarily and amicably closed, so people can easily discover the correct, supported solution. When new, important solution becomes available, this topic will be re opened. :)
  3. I wrote to Technical support and I'm waiting their answer right now, I hope they send to me the correct installer. For now I will turn off my computer hopping nothing will affected or damaged.
  4. Hello FLOOD What was the previous Operating system? Mojave Where was KIS2020 (installer) sourced from? DESCARGAR PARA MAC Were all necessary system preparations done before installing KIS2020 ? Yes: Check Internet connection and Clean Install KIS2020 Checking (Mac) traffic/network monitor - is there any activity - for KIS? At the moment just the installer: Install Kaspersky Internet Security (541) Checking (Mac) Activity Monitor, are there any corrupted process(s). It seems like not
  5. Hi FLOOD, its the first time install, because I have erased all disc before install Catalina, my internet connection is working fine.
  6. Hi, I I'm installing KIS 2020 on my MacBook Pro Mid 2012 macOS Catalina and it hangs in 94% I have waited about 60 minutes to install, but it doesn't move from 94%, and when I try to close the installer it says that it could possibly damage my computer....what can I do?
  7. It looks like it's working with this solution Railroader66, thanks. If I experience the same error again I will post.
  8. Hello, my Kaspersky Internet Security on Mac stops con 1% always when I want to scan a file, please help!!
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