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  1. "for the refund, it is not possible. its already beyond the window period"
  2. 3/4. It's only Firefox. It is signed in. This bites. Firefox is my main/preferred browser! But after quitting and reopening it, it's working again!?! google, microsoft, youtube, Mozilla all work in Firefox again.
  3. (00:15:49) This session has been transferred to Sasitaran. (00:15:49) Sasitaran has joined the conversation. Didn't connect though.
  4. Oh, man. Now Firefox is completely broken by KIS. It refuses to connect to any website. (I'm using Brave for this site.) google, microsoft, youtube, all broken. Mozilla: Even Kaspersky: (same) While youtube and google are like list:
  5. 1. Agreed. 2.Thanks - wow . 3.They didn't give a reason for refusing a refund. 4.I'm curious what the benefit is of posting the Incident reference number. I guess this is it? ID INC000014794360. 5. I'm still in queue. I got to the front, only to have to grant access to my browser, which required a browser restart, and a return to the queue.
  6. (Here's the non-truncated bit of the chat: ) PS. I've been 1st in queue for 25 minutes now, for "remote support".
  7. Thanks. This bites. I opened a chat and they said the same thing, more or less. I asked for a refund and they refused. I tried to allow it, and it installed the cert (I can see it in Keychain.) but KIS still thinks it's not installed, and refuses to run. I'm trying remote support now. I asked for a copy of the chat and they (Carlo) agreed to provide one BUT I haven't received it. And the chat window is incomplete - the top is truncated. Quite diabolical. I wanted to give Kaspersky a chance after the USG was heavy handed, but it seems I shouldn't have. :-( I appreciate you being here offering help though.
  8. Hi. I am a licensed Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac user. It stopped working and I reinstalled, and I am stuck. It seems I'm being FORCED to allow "Encrypted web traffic inspection*" in order to use any features of the application. This seems to be a new anti-feature. I don't want to enable this feature - I don't want to install Kaspersky's root CA key. I want the rest of the features. Is there a solution? *"Installing the trusted certificate allows Kaspersky Internet Security to search for malware and internet threats in encrypted HTTPS traffic."
  9. Thanks. It’s not a new install. >1 year old. Don’t have anything incompatible installed. - 8. Not worth the trouble. I’ll just disable it and activate it when I really think I needed it. Less effort. 🙄
  10. Link So, heavy writing onto SSD/disk apparently isn't new. By far. But above is for Windows. I’m seeing kavd write almost as much to disk as it reads, more than all other processes on my system combined. Under macOS. Any ideas? 0.1TB, though the system rebooted not long ago - uptime is 7 hrs. What madness!
  11. Reply: 1. Please download and install Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac 2018: https://box.ka…. [EDIT:no it was a one-time use link. You’ll have to do the same.] 2. Find the downloaded .dmg (installer file) in your downloads folder (bottom left hand corner) and double click on it. 3. After successful installation activate Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac with your 20-character activation code. 4. How to activate the application can be found here (illustrated guide): http://support.kaspersky.com/13531
  12. SUCCESS! [edit: with a RELATED problem] I was successful at getting old software: After a search brought me to this thread, I started a chat and asked: I would like to scan an old mac of this model: (10.11 El Capitan is the newest OS it can run and is on it.) https://everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook_pro/specs/macbook-pro-core-2-duo-2.66-aluminum-15-early-2009-unibody-specs.html Your official site says I can download v. 18 here: https://support.kaspersky.com/kis16mac but the link it provides doesn’t work, and the download page I found doesn’t have it. Help! They responded with a download link. The downloaded product can only be used if you have a valid activation code though. I do pay for a valid license, so I did, and it’s scanning for the 1st time now. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share the download link or not. So I’ll post it in a separate message just in case. But again, what I was able to get by contacting support was “Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac 2018”, NOT KSC Kaspersky Security Cloud or KSK Kaspersky Safe Kids!
  13. kav uses more and more memory over time. I kill it occasionally, but that has side effects*. It's restarted by macOS, It's important for any memory leaks to be addressed. Not just because of performance. Memory leaks are a sign of poor coding, which is a sign of poor security. *reports (false, I assume) that some components aren't running and I need to reinstall or contact tech support.
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