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  1. Tx for the reply. Is there a Kaspersky Free vs KSC vs KTS vs etc. feature table? All I can find is https://support.kaspersky.com/common/buy/15494
  2. Well that's weird, I rebooted for another reason and now it's activated!
  3. Hi For some reason my prev version of KSC got converted into Kaspersky Free, but once I figured out which exact incantation of Kaspersky I originally was running, I decided to reinstall KSC for the assumed extra functionality over KF (though TBH I still can't find a product feature comparison matrix featuring both these products). However after running the app it returns "Application not activated". My Kaspersky's Devices pages lists my PC as a device with "Subscription problem" but gives no option other than to buy a license or add an activation code. The same goes for any KB articles, which don't seem to recognise the Free version. I'm wary of disconnecting the device in case it makes things worse! I also tried resetting the IE network settings but with no diff. How can I reactivate my app with the free licence?
  4. Tx again - it appears that I had Kaspersky Security Cloud (free) originally installed so I've uninstalled Kaspersky Free and am reinstalling KSC.
  5. Tx for the most informative reply! I tried to uninstall it but somehow it appears to have "updated" my install to Kaspersky Free instead. But in any case I have a lot more 😄 drive space now with the APPDATA Kaspersky Lab folder only taking up 800MB, so I will investigate this new version of the app. Tx again for all the helpful info. BTW the topic/content email notification setting was rather buried in a sub menu and wasn't enabled by default so that is solved now.
  6. Tx for the reply, for some reason I wasn't getting emailed topic reply notifications. As I noted above, it's the g_objdt.dat file which is 3GB and takes up most of the (now increased to) 5GB total of the C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.3 folder. Is there an issue in my case that this file is 3GB rather than the "normal 1-2GB"? Reading the referenced thread, it seems a very poor limitation of the app that it doesn't permit storing such large data files elsewhere, and even more so that they become so large anyway. Swap or temporary files can usually be moved to any location so it seems odd that this file cannot. Also I know developers get to run on the latest higher spec kit, but in the real world, folks can't just keep buying bigger and bigger system drives to acccomodate apps with poor housekeeping. Security should be made as easy as possible, and these hurdles to overcome don't really help. 😞
  7. Hi I noticed my 😄 drive was filling up and used WizTree to diagnose the culprit(s). Top of the list was Kaspersky with >4GB in C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.3 and a 3GB file C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.3\Report\g_objdt.dat, but does anyone know why the g_objdt.dat is so large and if it is possible to (easily) store all these app data files on another drive? I'm running KTS v21.3.10.391 (i) on Win10.
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