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  1. install the latest version

    3 hours ago, Igor Kurzin said:

    Hi @mhnproject, please uninstall Kaspersky product, restart PC, then download and install the latest version of Asus Ai Suite and Armory Crate via: https://www.asus.com/support/Download-Center/

    Then install Kaspersky anew.

    Will the issue persist with the latest version of Asus Ai Suite? If yes, please collect a new set of traces and send to technical support via the indicent to support:

    Here is how to collect traces: https://support.kaspersky.com/15535

    - enable traces

    - restart PC

    - reproduce the issue with AI Suite

    - stop traces

    - upload the logs to some cloud

    - log a case support as per the instruction from Flood above and include the link to the logs 

    - send the link to download the logs to the incident for us to further analyze

    - let us know the incident number by posting it here

    install the latest version of asus aisute does not solve the problem at all

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