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  1. So, what I am saying I would only be using the VPN on two devices. My phone and my laptop. Why not be able to choose a any country dynamically with multiple oVPN config files on the laptop?
  2. No, on the phone I am using the Kaspersky app that includes the VPN functionality. And at the same time I am using oVPN on my laptop with the Kaspersky oVPN credentials.
  3. But I am already using it on my phone. The phone allows me to choose which country VPN to use every time. It would be good if I could do the same with my laptop. i.e. Choose which country to use any time I log on to oVPN Thank you
  4. Hi I recently managed to setup Kaspersky VPN with the OpenVPN client in Linux. I went to MyKaspersky/Secure Connection and generated a username/password and .ovpn file from there and I am using the .ovpn file and username/password with my OpenVPN client in Linux. But this allows me to use a specific country VPN from Kaspersky. If I try to generate an extra .ovpn file for another country, MyKaspersky tells me that my previous username/password will be de-activated. But I would like to generate multiple username/password and .ovpn files for various countries and use them interchangeably from my client by choosing the desired .ovpn file. Why is this not possible? Thanks!
  5. Hi Yes, the VPN connection has been stable. It does not stop the data transfer after 10 minutes, anymore.
  6. Even after the data transfer has been stopped the log continues to be written with rWrWrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWrWRwRwRwrWrWrWRwRwrWrWRwRwrWrWRwRwrWrWRw No further traffic is allowed but the log does not seem to show any real messages apart from this rWrWr sequence
  7. Yes, the problem persists. The log contains: 2023-03-15 13:36:54 us=36051 do_ifconfig, ipv4=1, ipv6=0 2023-03-15 13:36:54 us=36069 net_iface_mtu_set: mtu 1500 for tun0 2023-03-15 13:36:54 us=36105 net_iface_up: set tun0 up 2023-03-15 13:36:54 us=36922 net_addr_v4_add: dev tun0 W2023-03-15 13:36:54 us=37618 net_route_v4_add: via dev [NULL] table 0 metric -1 2023-03-15 13:36:54 us=37841 net_route_v4_add: via dev [NULL] table 0 metric -1 2023-03-15 13:36:54 us=38192 net_route_v4_add: via dev [NULL] table 0 metric -1 2023-03-15 13:36:54 us=38629 WARNING: this configuration may cache passwords in memory -- use the auth-nocache option to prevent this 2023-03-15 13:36:54 us=38645 Initialization Sequence Completed Then continues a line with repeating: rWrWrWrWRRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwrWrWrWrWRwrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWRwRwrWrWrWRwrWrWrWRwRwrWRwrWRwrWRwRwRwrWrWrWrWrWrWrWRwRwRwRwrWRwR But nothing further is logged when the data transfer has been stopped Thanks!
  8. That worked but there is a problem. I get connected and things are OK for about ten minutes but then traffic is no longer possible. Then I have to disconnect and re-connect. So, it looks like about every ten minutes I need to disconnect and reconnect. Thanks for any advice.
  9. Hi I tried again in Linux with the OpenVPN client version OpenVPN 2.5.5 x86_64-pc-linux-gnu. I am getting the following error: 2023-03-06 17:30:03 TCP/UDP: Preserving recently used remote address: [AF_INET] 2023-03-06 17:30:03 UDP link local: (not bound) 2023-03-06 17:30:03 UDP link remote: [AF_INET] 2023-03-06 17:30:03 [Aura OpenVPN Prod Server] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET] 2023-03-06 17:30:04 Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in [PUSH-OPTIONS]:4: block-outside-dns (2.5.5) 2023-03-06 17:30:04 ERROR: Cannot ioctl TUNSETIFF tun: Operation not permitted (errno=1) 2023-03-06 17:30:04 Exiting due to fatal error
  10. I first reported it more than a month ago. I was told it would be fixed in January...
  11. Hi I am trying to setup my Linux VPN using my Kaspersky subscription but I am not being successful. I installed the OpenVPN software on Ubuntu and I created the .ovpn file on My Kaspersky. I am giving the openvpn --config kaspersky_uk.ovpn command and supplying the username and password I was given for that file, but a VPN connection is not successful
  12. Hello. Is the OpenVPN issue not fixed, yet?
  13. I had also done that but to no avail. A few minutes ago I went into the app to try again and the Premium version of the VPN was active. So. It seems there was some delay in the new subscription becoming active. All good, now. Thanks!
  14. Thanks. I did write to them but they did not respond. Today I just purchased a new subscription on the site and I am now trying to activate it on my phone but having problems... ?
  15. Hi I went to the Kaspersky site and bought the VPN product today, since my old subscription on Google Play had expired and I no longer have Google Play. The payment was ok and I now see the product in My Kaspersky. On the Kaspersky app on my phone, I go to VPN and I choose "Upgrade to Premium", i then choose "I HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION" and under the section that says "Use an activation code" I enter the activation code shown on Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection, on the site. The app tells me "Couldn't activate the subscription"
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