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  1. Hi Kardip. I have already solved the problem. I have gone to my profile where you had indicated and indeed there were two profiles that made Chrome start with this malware. I have removed them and then I have gone to the Chrome settings and it has already let me remove this virus as the default browser. Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. Hello FLOOD. I have also done so and no popup appears. If it does if I position myself over Chrome and I see the option to delete. Thank you
  3. Hi again FLOOF.This is the screenshot of my Chrome setting in Spanish. I have already done the restore to the original values and it is still there as you can see.
  4. Thank you Flood It does not let me clean Chrome because the option to clean does not appear. It only appears to me to restore the original default settings. I'm desperate.
  5. I have a problem on my Mac. For a few days now I have this file as a browser in Google Chrome "lkysearchds1283-a.akamaihd.net" I have passed the Kaspersky antivirus completely a few times and it does not erase it. Does anyone know how I can delete it?
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