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  1. The google drive link has been updated. https://drive.google.com/open?id=16UpBlegdIAHLZc91UqJQf5isE_MtFwS2 No Thanks
  2. Ok I will install Security Cloud later, like when I need it, for example; downloading torrents or other sketchy things online. At the moment I just want to get this issue solved. Thanks
  3. Sorry, I mean I probably wont reinstall it if all of this was caused by security cloud, but if this issue has not been caused by Security Cloud then I might reinstall Security Cloud in the future. Sorry for confusing you. Thanks
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=16UpBlegdIAHLZc91UqJQf5isE_MtFwS2 There is the picture, Thank you for all of your help so far. I probably will not use Security cloud again but if this is not related to Security cloud then I might reinstall it.
  5. No idea, I didn’t know what I was removing at the time so I tried many different things and deleted most of the logs The port forwarding was done with my router no I am now but I was not at the time. Windows defender, otherwise no. Yes. I am feeling a bit better thank you for asking. To add on to 2 I changed the ethernet network I was on to private but not really sure if that did anything because I changed the settings so public and private are the same. Thanks
  6. https://drive.google.com/open?id=16UpBlegdIAHLZc91UqJQf5isE_MtFwS2 There are the logs, thanks for your help so far.
  7. 1809 I think its (that is the file name of the installer) I didn’t have any other antivirus installed I will do that now yes The only thing I did was reset the windows defender firewall no free I will get back to you with 4 but so far these are the answers. Thank you for helping me.
  8. I recently installed kaspersky security cloud and my port forwards stopped working so I uninstalled it and I still couldn’t get port forwards to work. This is really frustrating and I have been trying to fix this for days. I have tried everything with the windows 10 firewall and my router but still nothing works. I have no idea what to do and might format if this cant be fixed.
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