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  1. Hi, thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately in my case, the option "do not scan encrypted connections" was already enabled, therefore this cannot fix the problem.
  2. I have been using Kaspersky for years and my default browser is Microsoft Edge. As of yesterday, when Kaspersky Total Security is running, Microsoft Edge and Opera GX both fail to load web pages (ANY web pages), displaying either err_connection_reset or err_connection_aborted pages. The browser will actually cycle through the two pages (rest, then abort, then reset again, etc...) for a certain number of cycles, then it will just stop, but it will not load the web page. This occurs whether I have the extensions installed in the browser or not, and even whether Kaspersky Total Secutiy is active or not - pausing the app does not solve the problem. But if I close the app entirely, everything works fine again. Additionally, Chrome, Brave, and Firefox all work fine with KTS running. Does anyone know what is happening and if there might be a fix? Thanks!
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