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  1. @Berny Thank you. That worked. I hope that I wont miss any important notification from Kaspersky.
  2. Thank again @Berny If I do this will I still get notification about trojans/viruses/malware and kaspersky database updates etc? Best regards
  3. Hello @Berny Thanks for your response. So not getting constantly spammed by my firewall is not an option?
  4. Hello. Each time I open chrome or firefox in win 10 there is this annoying notification by kaspersky about installing chrome/firefox extension. “Using Google Chrome? Install Kaspersky Protection extension to increase your level of protection while online”. Its very annoying. I tried to disable it in kaspersky setting and from win10 notification center but it keeps coming back. I am using my computer to work and this notifications really bother my workflow. I don’t want to install this extension. Please fix as soon as possible otherwise I will switch to other firewalls and disable my subscription. I don’t want a firewall that keeps spamming my notifications... Best regards.
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