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  1. FLOOD: What is complicated is not GSI per se, but to load the file generated with GSI Perser. It takes for ever and also your recommendation when you say: { When GSI is generated, it creates a SMALLER GZI .zip folder INSIDE the master GZI.Zip folder (it may have your name, change the name of the folder: e.g. GSI-DNS-date.zip), please extract the master GZI.zip folder, then try to upload the SMALLER GZI .zip folder please?}. So I drop the ball right there. Anyway, I followed through with the remaining suggestions and for #1 now the error message is “ERR_connection_timed_out” ditto for #2 to #4. For #5 the answer is yes using KSC is OK. After, I executed the commands suggested and a reboot no change still “ERR_connection_timed_out” A tough cookie isn’t? Miko
  2. Hi Flood Sorry too complicated with this GSI parser. I gave up for now hoping that Kaspersky will make it more user friendly. Miko
  3. Dear Caos No luck with your solution #1 & #2, but with #3 using KSC is fine. Thanks Miko
  4. I am running on Window 7 ultimate and the problem are both on Google chrome & Explorer 11. BTW, Wikipedia also have the same problem. The GSI Log files has a problem to download, internet is too slow. What do you suggest? Miko
  5. Can't access one of my website news recently with a message: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXdomaine. Does Kaspersky internet security has something to do with that?
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