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  1. \Microsoft\Windows\Maps MapsUpdateTask via Scheduler might be temporary disabled, until ongoing MicroSoft patch.
  2. Thank you for development & support! It helped, but I wonder why does it affect KVRT so dramatically? And I wish you integrate automated telemetry and recovery (like ‘Waas Medic Agent‘ tends to be).
  3. Additionally BITS service should be restarted to remove all jobs. C:\WINDOWS\system32>bitsadmin /list /allusers /verbose BITSADMIN version 3.0 BITS administration utility. (C) Copyright Microsoft Corp. Listed 0 job(s).
  4. Looks like it barely helps? : C:\WINDOWS\system32>bitsadmin /reset BITSADMIN version 3.0 BITS administration utility. (C) Copyright Microsoft Corp. 0 out of 0 jobs canceled. C:\WINDOWS\system32> bitsadmin /list /allusers /verbose ... 125296 / 125296 WORKING https://t0.ssl.ak.dynamic.tiles.virtualearth.net/odvs/gd?pv=1&r=10,1133,9898045,0 -> C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\MapData\\mapscache\BitsTemp\{B30C3DA0-C5DF-4E46-9978-C71C2A8464AA}.tmp 77213 / 77213 WORKING https://t0.ssl.ak.dynamic.tiles.virtualearth.net/odvs/gd?pv=1&r=10,1133,39592177,0 -> C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\MapData\\mapscache\BitsTemp\{4C6476AD-9F67-4074-965A-B248C5C0FE5C}.tmp 79610 / 79610 WORKING https://t0.ssl.ak.dynamic.tiles.virtualearth.net/odvs/gd?pv=1&r=10,1133,39592179,0 -> C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\MapData\\mapscache\BitsTemp\{E5B48F9C-529E-4AE5-B021-F808E2BA84E9}.tmp 72212 / 72212 WORKING https://t0.ssl.ak.dynamic.tiles.virtualearth.net/odvs/gd?pv=1&r=10,1133,39592182,0 -> C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\MapData\\mapscache\BitsTemp\{F14CE86F-DF51-48AD-B312-DF39114E62B4}.tmp NOTIFICATION COMMAND LINE: none owner MIC integrity level: SYSTEM owner elevated ? true This job is read-only to the current CMD window because the job's mandatory integrity level of SYSTEM is higher than the window's level of HIGH. Peercaching flags Enable download from peers :false Enable serving to peers :false CUSTOM HEADERS: NULL Listed 1 job(s).
  5. Ok, send them. It’s impossible to attach files to personal message.
  6. They absent, the only files are: {6E749465-4698-4379-A20E-EE68B7E552E8}.tmp {8BE12DE8-9BF9-45BA-B4E7-493F3D872C6B}.tmp
  7. And there is another strange behaviour of KVRT - it tends to write access to \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 and is blocked by Windows Defender.
  8. It would be nice to have automated telemetry in the tool. The size of traces is huge 1.5Gb , though it is 7zipped into 9 volumes by 5Mb allowed here per attachment and zipped as .7z is prohibited.
  9. 16Gb RAM was always checked for a few minutes, situation has changed due to recent Windows update to Windows 10 21H1 x64 to version 10.0.19043.1110 . At the same time in VirtualBox guest Windows 10/11 there is no such problem. FYI.
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