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  1. Mikhail Shakhov's post in Kaspersky randomly restarts itself(no updates happening either) was marked as the answer   
    Developers have found the culprit: this is the Kaspersky Protection plugin version:
    The scenario for the problem reproduction is not clear for now(it does not reproduces on all PCs).
    They have already published new version of plugin with fix
    Workaround for users, who has not received new version of plugin yet: to disable or to remove Kaspersky Protection plugin temporarily.
  2. Mikhail Shakhov's post in Восстановление пароли в аккаунт was marked as the answer   
    Добрый вечер!
    Такая ситуация происходит, если авторизоваться на портале при помощи SSO(Технология единого входа (англ. Single Sign-On) ), т.е. с помощью учётной записи Google или Apple. 
    Для решения проблемы  нужно опять войти в наш аккаунт, используя креды(логин/пароль) от учётной записи Google и установить в настройках пароль на аккаунт. 
  3. Mikhail Shakhov's post in kaspersky subscription blocked was marked as the answer   
    we know about the problem. It has already been fixed. To resolve the issue, you need to re-connect the product to Kaspersky portal. 
    Thank you. 
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