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  1. I got 2 of these e-mails on 2 days a few days ago. So are you saying that this was in fact an e-mail from Kaspersky? If this is correct, can you say why it began with the classic wording of a spammer such as Dear and Lovely? It sounded as if it was from someone I'd associate with similar e-mails asking me to accept and look after someone else's money in return for a fee I am unclear what kind of a technical error results in such a strange opening to an e-mail. Does this mean that in future that all genuine e-mails from Kaspersky will have this form of address? You can understand why such an opening to an e-mail from Kaspersky has caused concern mikethebike .
  2. OK and thanks harlan 4096. I am not clear what I did to repeat unnecessarily my earlier reply as I didn't mean to. Sorry for that
  3. Thanks for the reply, harlan 4096. I have re-read my post and now realise that it is possible to infer from what I wrote that I wish to disable auto-renew but I do not. I simply want to be sure that a change in the last few days to my debit card such as happens every few years when the bank re-issues your debit card with new details does not affect K's ability to deduct my renewal fee direct form my bank account
  4. Thanks for the reply, harlan 4096. I have re-read my post and now realise that it is possible to infer from what I wrote that I wish to disable auto-renew but I do not. I simply want to be sure that a change in the last few days to my debit card such as happens every few years when the bank re-issues your debit card with new details does not affect K's ability to deduct my renewal fee direct form my bank account
  5. I am on auto renewal. If my bank has changed my debit card but my bank account details remain exactly as they were previously do I need to notify Digital River or will my auto renewal go through automatically without my needing to do anything? Thanks
  6. My question may seem so obvious that I have asked and answered it myself in my original post but my only worry is that somehow it accepted my putting in the 2015 code and it is simply saying that this code is already there as I put it in but this doesn’t mean that it is active as it applied to the 2015 KIS which has expired If the answer is that even if I did put in the code, K will not simply repeat it back to me unless it is the correct code i.e. the system will recognise an incorrect and expired code and tell me if this is the case A simple confirmation that my statement immediately above is correct will be enough Thanks mikethebike
  7. I still have my original activation code from 2015. I have every year since then renewed automatically so I decided to add it to My Kaspersky in case it was ever lost and I needed it for a re-install if ever that is required. When I put it in to the “Add Activation Code” it said that the code had been already registered which made sense as I presume my original code still applies. However when I looked at Licenses it says that my 2015 Internet Security has expired and the licence is not in use of any connected device. However when I look at My current KIS it say rightly that my device is active and under details it does give me my original code I found this a little confusing as I have an expiry KIS from 2015 but an active KIS with the same code As it is showing my original code against an Active licence can I take it that should I ever need to load my code again it will be the code listed there and there will not be any issue i.e. given it recognised my original code when I first put it in and told me it had already been registered, this is definitely the right code and no further action is required on my part ? Thanks mikethebike
  8. An update. I believe I may have solved both the problem I identified in the title and the problem that Flood identified for me as a question which was why was I still running V19 The reset made no difference but I then had an idea which was to check to see if my wife who shares the same computer had the same problem when she tried opening the Secure keyboard. She did not and I noticed that she did not have the yellow and blue shield attached to her Chrome icon which I did to mine, so I assumed that the change in my case may have been the problem and simply decided to uninstall and re-install Chrome and that cured the problem. Why this made the difference and why it had appeared on my desktop we may never get to the bottom of, I suppose In terms of KIS I noticed that I had the Global version and not the European one so I simply downloaded the European version which gave me So thanks all for the help but just one more question if I may. Can I take it that from now on KIS will automatically move me to the next version when it is released? mikethebike
  9. Thanks for your reply I’ll respond in the order in which you set out your response. Where do I find the procedure to reset KIS? Thanks. I am still using v20 because that is what I still have. I had thought that my settings on the Automatic Update meant that if there was any changes such as a new version this would be automatically updated but this appears not to be the case All the boxes are ticked in the settings and under Search for Application Updates I have the “green radio button “ ticked which says Important Updates that improve computer security. Should I have ticked “All updates for known applications” and if I were to do this does this cover non Kaspersky applications? My worry here is that as I do not want all Microsoft Updates to be applied as there are many I don’t need It would sound as if an update to version 21 is probably the first thing I need to do as (1) this is sensible anyway and (b) may cure the problem , do you agree? Thanks mikethebike
  10. If I have the occasion to open the Secure Keyboard on sites other than those listed in Safe Money, it will open but will not operate and yet in my settings for Secure Keyboard in KIS I have ticked all internet media as well as banks etc I may be wrong but I feel that in the past I was able to use the Secure Keyboard whenever I wished to on sites that were not on Safe Money So, am I right or in fact is it only Safe Money sites where the Secure Keyboard will operate?. If so then that’s the answer and I accept that that ends the matter. However if it should work then what might be the problem? I have KIS running on Windows 7 Home Premium and the latest version of Google Chrome if that helps Thanks
  11. Thanks Flood. I have downloaded your instructions in case this were to happen again mikethebike
  12. Thanks for the welcome back and the answer, Flood. Just before checking here for any answers I was able to download the update from iTunes “tools” setting and was then able to return to the KIS warning and under Show was able to choose “skip this update”. The warning has disappeared and I have checked iTunes to ensure that I have latest version However In case your steps are ever needed again can you expand on your 4 stages I am a complete beginner when it comes to these matter so can you say where and how I open the KIS application, General Window and how I save the current application to a file in CFG format? Finally what might have caused KIS not to recognise that its download had worked OK as I assume it had worked since it did what it was supposed to, namely change me from a previous version to the current one Thanks mikethebike
  13. A few days ago I was notified by KIS that there was an important update for iTunes. I duly downloaded it and then checked with iTunes that I now had the up-to-date version. It confirmed this. Today it gave me a warning that the same update needed to be downloaded. I duly complied thinking that might cure the “glitch” However it said update failed which makes a strange kind of sense as there is in fact no update to be loaded. However the warning will not go away. I even logged out and rebooted but this made no difference Is there any way to remove this particular warning. Obviously I do not want to use the option of skipping all updates I am on KIS 20.0.14. 1085(i) and use Windows 7 Home Premium Thanks mikethebike
  14. In addition to what others have said Google Chrome has changed to version 78. It might be worth moving to latest version Regards mikethebike
  15. Thanks for reply. Good to know there is an archive. As you may have seen, my topic to which I was referring in our correspondence was the last topic in my archived topics called “Enabling The Secure Keyboard in KIS2019 “ At the risk of sounding like a stuck long playing record it is this issue referred to in that topic that remained the same until a few days ago when suddenly the green icon re-appeared on Safe Money sites I may never need to refer to this archived site again but how do I call it up if needed or is this something that I need to request of Community Admin? If you can answer my question in the preceding paragraph then I feel we can close this topic. I will assume that my K protection extension in Chrome is up to date and requires no further action on my part and that there is no answer on why the green icon has fortunately re-appeared If I were to speculate and that is all I can do, it suggests to me that Chrome did something that has corrected the problem and that is as close to an answer as we can ever get to. Thanks mikethebike
  16. Thanks for the reply. Now I have given what my version of my K protection is on Chrome can I take it that I have the latest version and there is nothing further for me to do on this aspect? Can I also take it that the reason why I now have the green K protection icon on my Safe Money sites is something that it is not possible for you to answer? I am not trying to criticise you or the forum if there is no answer to my question I am simply trying to confirm that you do not know of the reason. As far as being a member of the Community as it is now known I am sure you are right about the date of my membership but there was a forum before the change and I did have topics prior to the date you mention which I will need to raise with Community Admin as you suggested if the Community Admin still has access to this large content of topics Can you just confirm that there was a K forum prior to the change to what is now called Community and can you say if that forum content was simply deleted? The reason I ask this of you is that if the content of the previous forum was deleted and you can confirm this then there would seem to be no point in raising my pre 8th April 2019 membership and topics raised prior to my new Community membership as no record of those topics will exist. I have a feeling that when the new Community was established there was an explanation of why this change was needed and that previous topics were/had to be deleted but it is only a feeling hence my request in the previous paragraph Thank you mikethebike
  17. Thanks for the reply: Yes I am referring to the green icon that you have put the red square around in your first screen shot. I said shield but more accurately it is a green hexagonal with a tick inside My Kaspersky Protection Extension installed in my Chrome browser is : 20.0.543.1418 I now know how to get to my details and thanks but the topic to which I refer that I raised many months ago does not seem to be there. As I said, didn’t K change the forum and in that change removed all the previous topics?. So either those topics have now gone permanently or they were archived. If archived then are they accessible and if so how? mikethebike
  18. We appear to be speaking at cross purposes. Let me clarify that I am now only talking about the lack of the green shield on my Safe Money sites list until a few days ago. It may be that the minuscule keyboard icon was removed by Chrome as far back as version 69. I cannot remember. However this didn’t matter to me as the K green shield was there on the Safe Money sites and it is by clicking onto the green shield, once I have arrived at the Safe Money site, that I have the option of the Secure Keyboard. Once the Green Shield had disappeared as well and it disappeared many months ago, leaving only a grey shield instead I was then required to use the Shift, Crtrl etc buttons to get the Secure Board. I did raise a topic on this many months ago when the green shield icon disappeared and got help from other users who told me of the Shift Crtrl etc buttons to bring up the Secure Keyboard Unfortunately I think all those old topics disappeared when the site was re-configured by K If it is possible to search the archives then we can find the date of my topic on this loss of the Green Shield but assuming there is still an archive I don’t know to access it The Green Shield icon never disappeared from other sites which were not on my Safe Money sites list. Yesterday I used a Safe Money site and the Green Shield had re-appeared. I tested all my list of Safe Money sites and the Green Shield had re-appeared on all of them So I now have easy access to the Secure Keyboard via the green shield options for which I am grateful and as I said yesterday I believe you answered my concerns about losing Safe Money as I have Windows 7 when I get upgraded to KIS2020 so we can now forget about those concerns So my sole question is: Do you know what happened in the last few days to return the Green Shield to the Safe Money sites? As I said, I remain on my current KIS package which is so nothing has changed there Thanks mikethebike
  19. Thanks. I have just checked and all my Safe Money sites now have the green K shield I cannot say definitely that none worked previously as it may have been along time since I used some of the sites but I can say for definite that the following that I have used recently did not have the green shield and now do. www. paypal.com ; www.argos.co.uk www.amazon.uk www.halifax-onlinewww.gov.uk/vehicle For some reason after Paypal when I type the rest they go green but I have no reason why. What I also know is that what the Kaspersky Lab have told you is wrong - at least in my case. All of the sites I visit apart from those in the Safe Money list have always had the green shield and Chrome has had several versions since 69. I am now on the latest Chrome which is now 78.0.3904.70. What I cannot say is whether this latest version of Chrome has now corrected the problem as I cannot be sure when Chrome changed to this latest version( last week is my guess) and thus I cannot say that I have not tried a Safe Money site since the change but it would appear that if K Lab is right that the problem lies with Chrome then clearly it corrected the issue in the last few days If K Lab is right about Chrome being the problem with sites listed under Safe Money( I have given information that says it is wrong about it applying to all sites) then I would have expected those users of KIS with Chrome to have been complaining about no K green shield since Chrome changed from version version 69 There would appear to be some statements made by K Lab or reported by K Lab as being the Chrome response that are irreconcilable with at least my experience Thanks mkethebike
  20. Sorry to have delayed replying for so long but your very comprehensive reply to what may have been an over-complicated question on my part led to some difficulties in my working out what your answers meant and I decided to leave it for a while The key concern I had was whether an auto upgrade to KIS2020 would give me problems using Safe Money and I believe what you said was NO. In fact KIS 2020 using Windows 7 still gives me full access to Safe Money As part of my explanation I mentioned that I had no green K shield when using any of my listed Safe Money sites and thus could not click on the shield to activate the Secure Keyboard whereas the green shield was present on sites outside of my Safe Money This puzzled you, I think, as I assume this was not normal The green shield should have been there No green shield has remained the situation until today when for whatever reason I went into Safe Money for online banking and the green shield was there. Lack of a green shield has been the situation on all the Safe Money sites for many months and I have made no changes. Have you any idea why suddenly the green shield has returned? This was a separate topic I had raised a long time ago and while I got answers from other users as to how to get the Secure Keyboard such as pressing Shift,Ctrl,Alt and P I never got to the reason why the green shield went missing in the first place So if you have any ideas as to why it has returned I would be interested Many thanks again for the trouble you took to cover my initial questions I think I remain on the same version as before which is KIS 19.0.0. 1088(h) Thanks mikethebike
  21. Thanks for taking the trouble to try and help me. I am sure it is me who may be slow to comprehend but I had a bit of difficulty following your examples in terms of what this means for my situation. Can I say what I think you mean and ask that you confirm? I use Chrome and Safe Money and as I said I am still on KIS 2019. On my online banking site and other sites such as Amazon and other online retailers where I make payments I enter these in Safe Money. Once in any of my Safe Money sites I use the Secure Keyboard to login in. Currently on KIS 2019 I find that on any Safe Money site I can only get the Secure Keyboard by simultaneously pressing Shift,Ctrl and Alt keys with P to obtain the Secure Keyboard. This is not a problem for me to do this I think that you are saying that currently if my browser is Google Chrome I lose the Secure Keyboard facility and if for example tomorrow the auto update setting were to upgrade me to KIS 2020, I could still get into my Safe Money site but would have to use the actual keyboard and not the Secure Keyboard?. Kaspersky however recognises this as a problem and is working to resolve this issue with Chrome? Have you any idea how long it will take K to resolve this and will K still upgrade me to 2020 even if this problem has not been fixed? Secondly on other sites which I do not have in my Safe Money list but in which I still use the Secure Keyboard to login simply by pressing the green icon which brings up the Secure Keyboard, will the Secure Keyboard not be available if I am upgraded to 2020? If I lose the benefit of the Secure Keyboard on all these sites including those not in Safe Money will this also be resolved by K engineers? Currently it would seem that a switch to 2020 disadvantages me as it presumably does all other KIS users who use Chrome Thanks again for your trouble mikethebike
  22. Thanks for the reply It was your link KIS 2020 Secure Keyboard Input limitations and the wording is as my quote in the topic. I am sorry but when it comes to manipulating computers I really don't know what I need to do. I have copied and pasted the link but I am unsure if this gives the url How do I show an image of the quote? I really need some help on "how to" in terms of the requests you have made Thanks mikethebike
  23. Seeing a link on another topic about Secure Keyboard Limitations in 2020 has confused me and prompted me to ask the following question: I currently have KIS, Window 7 but have ticked for automatic upgrade to KIS2020 . I am now worried by the statement in the link mentioned in my first sentence that says: Protection does not work if your computer is running under Windows 7 and the field is not a password entry field I use the Secure Keyboard in both Safe Money sites and other sites occasionally. My concern is if KIS automatically upgrades me to KIS2020 and I still use Windows 7 will I still be able to use Secure Keyboard if the field is a password entry field? I do not find the K articles easy to understand and cannot really work out under what circumstances an automatic upgrade to KIS2020 while I still have Windows 7 Thanks mikethebike
  24. In addition to what FLOOD has said, you might want to consider installing the latest patch which is now (e) Regards mikethebikeIsn't it supposed to update itself automatically ? Yes if you have the auto update button checked but while I don't know in which region/country you are based,it just seems to be taking a long time for patch (e) to come to you. I would have thought that all areas would have it by now I had the experience of my auto-update completely skipping version KIS 18 and went from KIS 17 to KIS 19 so the auto-update can be problematical Maybe a moderator can say if patch (e) is still coming for your area or whether you may have to do a manual update. I should add that I am not saying that getting patch(e) will necessarily solve the problem but I think it worthwhile to have the latest patch - just in case - so to speak mikethebike
  25. In addition to what FLOOD has said, you might want to consider installing the latest patch which is now (e) Regards mikethebike
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