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  1. Hello. Thank you very much, patch C is now installed here. I have been monitoring Task Manager now and then, Kaspersky seems to be behaving well now! No high CPU issues here for now. Same here! Patch C seemed to fix it! I’ll update this if the issue appears again.
  2. After contacting support I received the following response: “Our Escalation Team have just replied to us with the latest update. This is a known issue and it is expected to be fixed in the MR2 of Kaspersky Security Cloud 2021. The planned roll-out dates for the fix is expected to be around the end of October until the beginning of November.”
  3. Patch B was released (I wish I could find the patch notes because its ALWAYS a pain) (Can staff please link me patch notes) [Also please make it easier for the user to read the patch notes like Avast does] It seems to have NOT fixed the issue! My CPU usage continues to bump up to 40% and my fans rev up every 20 seconds or so lasting around 10 seconds each! UPDATE: It seems like it only goes to 40% constantly when I am in chrome then when I minimize it it still stays there but takes a while to settle down Here is an image of the usage after entering chrome. Notice the CPU usage go high when chrome loads then back down when it finishes. Then Kaspersky kicks in and uses 40% of CPU in the background. You can see the usages decreases ALOT when I minimize google chrome (after a moment)Goes WAY back up when I re-enter google chrome Stable kaspersky load on my system. 50% from kaspersky is unacceptable for meAll from kaspersky. Likes to switch usage of cores for some reasonThe google chrome load (On the left and right is the idle load)Above you can see that kaspersky is using the 4th core. With this image, kaspersky is constantly using the cpu right now and it has switched to the 3rd core. Patch B Turning off the web antivirus did not make a difference!
  4. The same issue is happening to me and it is EXTREMELY annoying! Please fix this! I even turned off rootkit scanning. I tried everything and this was never an issue until version 21! (Not an issue on version 20) Its still an issue before and after patch a is installed. (My CPU is an Intel Core i7 8550U clocked at 4ghz w turbo boost BTW. (4 cores, 8 threads) Program version: ​​​​​​ CPU can turbo up to 4ghz
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