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  1. If a new application tries to start a service, can't KIS 21.3 get adjusted to ask us for permission on a 64-bit operating system?I've found an article about Kaspersky limitations on Kaspersky support: site(https://support.kaspersky.com/us/common/compatibility/13812#block3) , that page was last updated on 2020, according to it, KIS can't be adjusted for that permission,so I think it doesn't ask. I am currently using a 32-bit Windows 7 so I am not able to test it, but I will switch to Windows 10 or 11 when I buy a new pc in a few months.
  2. Thanks for your answer, I've bought the KIS license☺️
  3. Thanks for your answer.☺️ I will buy a license from Kaspersky website, there will be no cd to install KIS 21.3.I think there is no offline installer for Kaspersky 21.3 on Kaspersky website, when I installed the trial version, it downloaded the installation app then the app downloaded the required files from Kaspersky server and then installed the software. What I want to be sure is, if I buy a KIS v21.3 license, then somehow need to uninstall it, then if I want to reinstall KIS, will I be able to do it even when the new version of Kaspersky(Kaspersky Standard) becomes available in my country/region, using the KIS online installer app without having to upgrade to Kaspersky Standard?
  4. Currently I am using a Kaspersky Total Security 2022(v21) trial.In my country's region, they still sell KIS 2022 instead of Kaspersky's new products Kaspersky Standard/Plus/Premium. I have some questions: 1-If I buy a Kaspersky Internet Security license now, will I be able to use/upgrade free to Kaspersky Plus when it will become available in my country/region? 2-If I buy a KIS license, when Kaspersky Standard/Plus/Premium become available in my country if I don't want to upgrade free to Kaspersky Plus, will I be forced to upgrade free to use Kaspersky Plus or can I continue using KIS if I want? 3-If I wait and buy a Kaspersky Plus license when it becomes available in my country/region, if I don't like it, can I downgrade to Kaspersky Internet Security with the same license/activation code and use KIS instead of Kaspersky Plus?(currently I don't have any Kaspersky license other than a trial license)
  5. I use firewalls in interactive mode and unfortunately Kaspersky doesn’t display the hostname of the ip address which an app is trying to connect to, it displays the ip only.If it would resolve the hostname and show it(in addition to ip address) in the alertbox, it would help us to choose the right action.
  6. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 trial, I wanted to test it by visiting websites which may be potentially harmful.for hours.Kaspersky gave security alert only 2 times.When I visited similar sites to test another company’s security suite(my subscription with it ended) it was giving so many security alerts,blocking so many of those webpages, for some of them it was saying that the website was in dangerous or potentially dangerous websites list, for some of them it was saying things like the page was trying to inject something... I don’t understand the reason of this difference.Can you explain please,maybe caused by a setting? My other question is, when it asks if I want to allow an app to connect to a remote ip, it doesn’t give the hostname, just the ip.If it would give the hostname too it would be a bit more clear where it is trying to connect, than just ip address.Is there a setting to show hostname instead of ip in the KIS popup-box?
  7. Thanks for your answer. WeslyZhang wrote: No one could get into you community account, Please don’t worry about this.😉 Yeah,sure,but my concern is not directly related to this community site.When I had joined another forum, I got an email which said that my email and password were used in other webservices(it gave a servicename though I couldn’t find about it much on internet) due to a data breach. So I just thought if someone really stole my account information in someway, he may get into my account here too.(cause of the same account information)
  8. Thanks for your answer. To be sure, is “best answer” selected automatically in this forum? Definetely your last answer is the best answer and the solution but in other forums generally it is selected by the author of the topic, I just want to be sure someone didn’t get into my community account.
  9. Thanks for your answer. Basically, I mean, when I use interactive mode(enable prompts for every network/internet access for example) I would like to see the name of the parent process which started another process like svchost.exe,rundll32.exe to connect to internet,like “this service/app is trying to connect to internet via rundll32.exe”...Is it possible to see the name of the parent process using Kis(especially inside it’s user prompts), I don’t see the parent process’ name inside Kis’ user prompt, it just says that svchost.exe is trying to access the domain-port….But it doesn’t give the name of the parent process which is using svchost.exe to connect to internet.
  10. I am using Kis 2020.I sometimes use Kis in interactive mode, I change the tick under “Network access” of “Trusted” group to “?”, so it even asks me if I allow internet connections of the apps in “Trusted” group. My problem is, when a service or an app is trying to access internet using svchost.exe it just says something like ““Host Process for Windows Services” is trying to connect to -an ip address and port number”.It looks impossible to see how I can see which service or app tried to use svchost.exe to connect to internet ,actually my intention is to be able to see not just which service or app is trying to use svchost.exe but also for some other files too. If I remember right another firewall I had used for a long while was able to warn like “-name of the app- is trying to connect to -ip address and port number- via svchost.exe”. Is it possible to know which app/service is trying to use internet via a file like svchost.exe?I looked at Kaspersky logs, there are some entries about Host Process for Windows(or System) Services and the connection type, but still it doesn’t say which app/service used it to connect to internet.
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