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  1. I had this problem I went to the same step But the problem was not running the program Kaspersky does not allow the application to run If you have to stop the Internet of the program version
  2. I will open this xray.exe any time. This message comes I want to let the server be used forever How to do it not to give Kaspersky a message
  3. Some of these people are automatically created without opening the site and file this problem That by changing the solved problem router Of course i doubt the solution to this If the malware manipulated the modem why Kaspersky did not I opened several sites yesterday that Kaspersky had an error From yesterday so far this is the same problem my question is Why is nothing registered in the reports section? If something is blocked shall be in the reports section This is a bug How many years we are screaming, Kaspersky is weak in web security Have no progress
  4. I have exactly the same problem. I think this form is from Kaspersky side ... Yesterday this site was blocked Today, notifications are repeated If there is a problem why not announced in the report? If you've blocked. So why repeat it I followed these steps. Were not resolved https://community.kaspersky.com/advice-and-solutions-122/kaspersky-notification-of-detection-file-or-website-detected-1313
  5. I have a lot of experience in reporting But unfortunately it takes a long time to check But my plan is to prevent threats in less than a minute Everyone liked to enable this feature. Not everyone Any company that implements this plan sooner has significant progress in attracting users and advertising
  6. I made this proposal a long time ago but it was not considered I was hoping that with the offer again it might be reviewed here
  7. I could not register in the forum above and I posted here Your solution did not work, it is still a problem
  8. I made this offer last year but it was not considered Users cannot quickly report every malicious file and site and wait weeks for the malware to be detected It is best to add an option in the app Live and fast each user detects any malicious file or site to add to the database and quickly detected malicious for other users Everyone wants to activate this feature .. Not everyone wants to activate This is one of the best features for countries where you do not hire researchers
  9. I am installing the Firefox add-ons But the icon is off And kaspersky 21 still tells you to install the kaspersky 21 add-ons
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