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  1. I apparently have a 2-step authenticator app connected to My Kaspersky, but Kaspersky does not appear to be in any of the authenticator apps I use. As a result, I want to temporarily remove the app authentication option from My Kaspersky and start over. However, somewhere along the way, I lost access to the page that said such an app is connected to my account. Upon clicking “Account settings,” entering my password, and selecting “Continue,” I am prompted to enter a security code. To my knowledge, I have no way of obtaining a security code. How could I resolve this?
  2. I received the following from Kaspersky Technical Support 8 days ago: “...Thank you for your patience and continuous support. It's greatly appreciated. Our experts have just replied to us and they're asking if you could help us in getting some additional information? Please perform the following commands in Command Prompt with Administrator rights: route –f (there’s a space between route and –f) ipconfig /flushdns (there’s a space between ipconfig and /flushdns) netsh winsock reset (spaces between words) netsh int ip reset all (spaces between words) To execute a command, type it into the command prompt window (do not forget SPACES) and press ENTER. Restart the computer. Please check that in router there are no block rules for kaspersky.com, kaspersky-labs.com. Please check the sync problem with exiting antivirus. Try to connect PC to other Internet connection (for example, share from mobile device) and try to sync. Also please try to establish VPN connection (if it is able) and check the problem. Inform us about results. We remain at your disposal for any further assistance...” I replied to that message by saying: “...I don't know how, but both issues appear to be resolved. It might be due to enabling Kaspersky VPN...”
  3. I’ve been in contact with Kaspersky Technical Support via e-mail and am still working to resolve the issues.
  4. Hello. I’m having an issue similar to the one mentioned on the page Incorrect message for premium subscription. | Kaspersky Community. For me, I believe I first noticed the issue this past Monday. I could be wrong, though. I do know that Wednesday night, I basically said to heck with it, and chose to utilize the free version. Once I chose the free version, I chose the 15 entries I felt I’d want to use. Since choosing the 15 entries, I have been able to use Kaspersky Password Manager (with the limits of the free version). Here is my current setup: 64-bit processor, with Microsoft Windows 10 Home version 21H1, build 19043.1165, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0. I don’t recall making any significant changes to my laptop’s hardware or software recently. Kaspersky product names and version numbers: Kaspersky Security Cloud – Personal; Kaspersky Password Manager (q) / 1628501540_6945 / 1.0.363.0- I activated a 3-year license subscription on Thursday, June 03rd, 2021. According to My Kaspersky and Kaspersky Security Cloud – Personal, there are 1,018 days remaining in my license subscription. Furthermore, auto-renewal is enabled. The license key shown in Kaspersky Security Cloud – Personal matches the one shown in My Kaspersky. To my knowledge, I have never had this problem before. I’m also having problems synching my vault. Please see the attached screenshots for details about error messages. How might I resolve these issues?
  5. @Flood and Flood's wife, I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am awaiting additional assistance from Kaspersky Technical Support via e-mail. Thank you for your help and patience.
  6. Hello, @Flood and Flood's wife. Thank you for replying. I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. However, looking at the "Licenses" page within "My Kaspersky" in a browser on my laptop, I can see the following: Kaspersky Security Cloud: Personal; Subscription for 3 devices; Subscription: Active; Expiration date: Jun 04, 2024; 1 out of 3 devices protected. Under "My devices," my laptop is the only device listed. Directly under "Apps," it says, "1 out of 3 devices protected," and shows the icon for Kaspersky Security Cloud for desktop devices (with a "Download" button to the right of it), as well as the icon for Kaspersky Internet Security for Android (with a "Download" button to the right of it). Directly under the icons for Kaspersky Security Cloud for desktop devices and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, but still under "Apps," it says, "0 out of 1 user protected," and shows the icon for Kaspersky Security Cloud for mobile devices (with a "Download" button to the right of it). Directly under Kaspersky Security Cloud for mobile devices, but again, still under "Apps," it says, "0 out of 1 user protected," and shows the icon for Kaspersky Password Manager (with a "Download" button to the right of it). Lastly, under "Additional info," in addition to the "Activation date," "Expiration date," "License key," and "Comments," it says, "Days left: 1086." Does any of that information help?
  7. Some background: I currently have a Windows 10-based laptop and Android-based cell phone. My current Kaspersky subscription allows me to protect up to 3 devices. I seem to have no trouble accessing My Kaspersky from my laptop. Up until I got a new cell phone last month, I had never installed any Kaspersky products on any of my previous phones. I do not recall having much, if any, trouble with the initial installation process of Kaspersky Security Cloud on my Android OS-based cell phone. If I recall correctly, I downloaded the Kaspersky Security Cloud app onto my phone via the Play Store, read and accepted agreements, tapped "Mobile protection" within the main window of Kaspersky Security Cloud – Personal (the desktop version), aimed my phone at the QR code shown on my laptop’s screen, and voilà, I was in. However, I’ve been running into trouble tonight when trying to sign into my account via the Kaspersky Security Cloud app for Android. While attempting to connect via the "Connect by QR code" button on my phone, I am greeted with the following message: "Unable to connect to My Kaspersky Check your Internet connection and try again." I’m given two options "CLOSE" and "TRY AGAIN." I think I began noticing issues when I tried to link the Android version of Kaspersky Security Cloud to My Kaspersky. My phone did not seem to completely link to My Kaspersky. What I mean is my phone would be listed in My Kaspersky when I’d sign in on my laptop. However, in the picture of a phone that appears right above the words "Mobile Android" and my phone’s model number, it would have an "x" over a globe on the screen. Another issue arose after installing the Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security app. Upon tapping "I HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION," "Sign in to My Kaspersky," then entering my credentials and tapping "Sign in," the words "Incorrect email address or password" appeared right under the password entry box. Entering an activation code via the "Enter the activation code" link under the above-mentioned "Sign in to My Kaspersky" link did not work either. Upon entering the code found in a recent message from Kaspersky regarding my recent license purchase and tapping "Next," a message appeared about the code I entered being an activation code for Kaspersky Security Cloud that can only be applied on My Kaspersky. The message included four possible ways to apply the activation code. (Please see the attached picture.) After several failed attempts to get the Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security app to access my Kaspersky information, I decided to unlink my phone from My Kaspersky and uninstall all Kaspersky apps from my cell phone. I looked at Unable to connect to My Kaspersky, mobile. | Kaspersky Community, but the provided information did not seem useful. How might I resolve this?
  8. @FLOOD, I added (and have since removed) the Skype and Zoom URLs from my list of Safe Money websites. While I have not tried using Skype within Safe Money, I tried using Zoom with it last night and was not able to share my screen when using the Zoom application. By the way, in your initial reply to this post, you said, “NB: SafeMoney...” What did you mean by “NB?”
  9. @FLOOD, Hello. Thanks for replying. No, I have not. Believe it or not, I hadn’t even thought of that. As for the objective? Taxes.
  10. For times when I visit a website that is in my “Safe Money” list, is there a setting in Kaspersky Security Cloud - Personal that allows me to choose whether or not to share my screen with someone over Skype and/or Zoom? I could have sworn there was a setting somewhere related to screenshots in “Protected Browser,” but I can’t seem to find it.
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