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  1. Hello Danica, I’ve been searching the Kaspersky Plus version 24 for Mac. And I can’t find any information. I even asked via email support but they only directed me here https://support.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-for-mac/new/15845 There is no version 24 in that link. is there any information on version 24? Thank you.
  2. after updating to Mac OS 14.0 Sonoma, the start up time of Mac OS 14.0 in M2 16GB from the time you enter your password to desktop is now 40 seconds. Mac OS 14.0 = 40 Seconds @Kaspersky Mac OS 13 = 17 seconds after fixed. Mac OS 13 Kaspersky not installed = 8 Seconds
  3. May I know where did you download Kaspersky 24? I had my automatic download and install updates ON but my version is still Kaspersky
  4. I am glad that because of my email to Kaspersky Support, Kaspersky may not have initiated any action to fix this issue even if this was reported 3 months ago here in the forum. still, Kaspersky can make it better. without the patch, it took my bootup time 1.5 minutes. with this patch, it took the bootup time now for 17 seconds, big improvement. without Kaspersky installed, the bootup time of Mac M2 16GB ram is 8 seconds.
  5. Hello everyone, Here is the answer on the above issue. I sent an inquiry to Kaspersky Customer Support and their Engineering Team I received their reply... No plans to fix this in the near future. There is no solution. Here is their reply: "Dear customer, Hello, Thank you for your kind understanding and we appreciate your patience on this. Please find our experts' response to your query below: We do not provide technical details. In the future, we plan to make changes to the Kaspersky app that can improve the situation and, as a result, macOS 13 specifics with our application installed, will not affect the system boot speed. At the moment, we can't provide a date of the fix. Users will receive these changes automatically. We hope this information is helpful. Thank you, and have a great day! Warmest regards, Isha | Customer Service Representative "
  6. Hello, as per apple support, i quote "xxx the issue only occurs after downloading the Anti-Virus application, it would be related to its software and the developer would need to do some further checks into the performance." I think they are correct. The App Developer should check on this or specifically provide details of that "OS 13 Specifics" they are mentioning.
  7. Hello friends, Any updates on how to resolve this issue? After installing Kaspersky in a newly bought (6 days old) Mac Mini M2 16GB, OS Ventura 13.4.1, booting up to the desktop after entering my password takes 1.5 minutes.
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