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  1. Frustrated ... understatement of the year. Local , County , State , federal governing agency's .. can't seem to get cyber security under control but all offer avenue for redress of grievance to citizenry ... I'm none of the above , this is a lot of grief for the cost incurred for walking out of a Best Buy with a couple of handsets & paying asking price for software labeled as premium . If employment didn't require me to have these devices , I'd settle for Morse code and messenger pigeons . For the price of bird seed & save me the cost of subscription not to mention what these "smart phones" cost .
  2. Also tried Uninstalling the app ... device factory reset ... then reinstall app ... re-register activation keys ... which successfully wasted most of the afternoon / evening between the 2 devices .
  3. Premium versions not the free one . Screen shot of Android telling me that Smartview can't connect due to VPN AIDA64 report which I forward with the incident reference number given by Kaspersky rep. I did not have this problem with alternative VPN provider ... but then again , they were so wonderful that I've decided to opt for Kaspersky VPN so ... I did tinker with the settings once the problem proved persistent , switching off toggles and trying again to connect . The only toggle which allowed me to connect to smartview was/is VPN off .
  4. Yea , ok. Hey I read the guidelines . I not only opened chat with tech support but I talked with em over the phone . I followed their directions and got emailed further directions which I followed which resulted in no resolution to the problem I posted . Their suggestion was to post here for further suggestions which I've now done . Your answer is just about as helpful as tech support has been on this Sunday afternoon . I really need internet security cause we seem to have attracted some unwanted hactivist or something along those lines while complaints to police and federal agency's have been seemingly completely ignored . In short , if you can't answer the question posted please don't post a reply .
  5. 2 devices both using Kaspersky android security and Kaspersky VPN ... with the VPN active we can't connect wirelessly to printers . We can't mirror phone screen using samsung smartview ( which we use often ) both televisions have miracast devices . It's been nice using the cast screen connectivity for viewing when the whole family wants to watch the same thing that someone saw on YouTube or maybe a news cast , occasional movie . Can anyone tell me how to get these samsung android system apps to work with Kaspersky VPN ??? S21 & galaxy s8 samsung devices .
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