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  1. Hello there. I previously had Kaspersky Anti Virus installed on my computer. I want to upgrade to Kaspersky Total Security now. Do I have to download a separate software for Total Security or just the old Anti Virus software will work?
  2. By the way, it worked. Thanks for the solution. It was simple. :)
  3. But I could not find Control Panel Option as described in the tutorial by pressing “CTRL + X”. No control panel option after pressing ctrl + xSo, I had to open Windows Explorer and typed “Control Panel” in the address bar and pressed enter. It automatically opened Control Panel for me. But I have a question, will it remove all the stored passwords after uninstall?
  4. I’ve been using Kaspersky for couple of years now. I have no idea how thins thing happened. Every time I try to login to a website or create a password for any website, a new windows appears that says “Save Password”. Then it asks me to enter password again. I don’t how this thing got into my computer but I must have done that out of curiosity. But it is disturbing me very much. And I just can’t remove it from my computer? It’s really freaking me out. How can I get this thing off my computer? How can I completely uninstall and remove Kaspersky Password Manager from my Windows 10 computer?
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