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  1. Actually I already did that and there is no such folder. When I click in Kapsersky on open the containing folder, I get to that folder where the recovery is supposed to be but there is no folder even no hidden one. I don´t see a recovery folder even if my Disk manager shows me 1, in CMD while tipping reagentc/info I see that it is enabled. But Windows keeps telling me that it is not able to perform a Recovery.
  2. It is a laptop, yes I bought the laptop with the preinstalled Windows 10 system. It is about 5 years old and I didn´t get this message from Kaspersky over all these years. In march there was a Update of Windows. But I can´t really remember if I had to install Firefox, but I would assume.
  3. Sorry but there is no file in the quarantine, the report in Kaspersky shows 2 times that it detected this trojan cause of machine learning and 1 time that the deinfection of the file isn´t possible. So I am currently struggeling how I should find the file. As said I can´t the file aswell in the named folder as there´s no such folder.
  4. I got the same detection for VHO:Trojan-Spy.MSIL.Convagent.gen but for firefoxhelper.exe. Kaspersky Premium couldn´t fix it. The location is C:\Recovery\Customizations\usmt.ppkg//ICB\0\MachineSpecific\File\C$\Preload\APP\FIREFOX\callback\FirefoxHelper.exe but I didn´t found a recovery in including folder. I couldn´t find any suspicious processes and no active process for firefoxhelper.exe when Iooked into the task manager. Now I´m not sure if it is real trojan or a false positive. Windows 10 Home 10.0.19045 Build.
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