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  1. Been using PW Manager for a long time, worked fine on previous OS versions (7 and 10). Now, on a previously fine Win 10 system that was upgraded to Win 11, and on a brand new computer that came with Win 11, the PW Manager app locks up from a few minutes or longer, usually after trying to search for a specific entry. The Chrome plugin still seems to work - I’m getting auto fill of passwords on sites that have entries while the app is locked. I’ve tried killing the PW Manager app closed through task manager. Sometimes it starts working, sometimes it locks up again. If I wait a while, anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes, sometimes it starts working again, sometimes not. I’m only using Kaspersky Total Security and PW Manager. My formerly rock solid and dependable password utility has become an undependable pain. Why is the Windows 11 upgrade such an issue for it? Is there a fix coming? Could it be due to Win 11 having issues with the security prompts not coming to the top?
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