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  1. Hi, I use to get the ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCAL_ERROR and it took me a while to sort that problem. I had to go to KSC Settings, Network Settings, Trusted addresses, and add www.soccermanager.com Then the site shows up fine. I will try what you posted above and let you know about the blocked images.
  2. Here are the same two pages with Kaspersky turned off.
  3. Hello @macca2509, You’re most welcome! Thank you for the information. To confirm, the issue for you is, the page is not resolving images, but is resolving text, is that correct? Post a full screen image of the problem, include the URL please? Are there an extensions & or addons installed in Edge & Chrome please? Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 1: Correct, the page is not showing some images but is resolving text. 3: Only AdBlock Plus on Chrome but have tried with it disabled with out any luck. Have added two screenshots. The first you can see the image of Donnarumma but not of Allison or Marquinhos. The second is when I have clicked on Allison’s profile. Again the image is blocked. Thanks.
  4. It is the Free version so Anti Banner and Private Browsing are not available.
  5. For some reason I am getting player photos on the soccermanager website blocked. Was fine until recently but now there being blocked. Any ideas? Windows 10 Ver 19043,1165 (21H1). Kaspersky Security Cloud (g) Google Chrome and Edge.
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