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  1. Hello. A clarification that I have not seen around here and that I do not report before (sorry I forgoten it). In order to install Al Suite 3 again after installing KIS, you need to create an exception as a trusted application in the KIS, from the AsusSetup file.exe which the application installs. Once this is done, the installer starts without problems and the application is installed without further complications. Until today it works without problem with the KIS database I hope this can help someone.
  2. Hello I have performed the procedure and now if both the Al Suite 3 software and Aura Sync and Creator work. I hope this is not repeated again, it is very tedious to have to uninstall the apps over and over again. The truth is that until now I had not had problems with Kaspersky, so I had it with a very high evaluation, but with all these problems I am starting to change my mind and evaluate the option of other antivirus software that does not have so many problems with the applications. Thank you very much for the effort of the users to solve this problem, especially to Wizzo.
  3. Hello. I just performed a complete uninstall of KIS and install the ultimate version of Asus Al Suite 3. When doing this Al Suite 3 works perfectly. Then I installed KIS again on the computer and after updating, failed again Al Suite 3 completely so KIS fully blocking the application.
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