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  1. I have two stations where I use the KSOS backup option and at both I have the same problem if I try to restore the blank list appears. I never get an error message when I back up. If I try to recover with Restore Utility then I get the message "There are too many files in the storage to display". You also attach screenshots only because they are in Romanian. The KSOS version is (g). I mention that with previous versions (KSOS 6 or 7) I have never had such problems with similar volumes of data.
  2. Hello @Berny Thanks for the reply. I also found there this specified problem to which the final answer was that the solution to the problem will appear in the next update. Here it seemed to me that it was more detailed. I've been waiting for the update that solves this problem for a long time.
  3. Hello geolman and Flood and Flood’s wife Did you manage to solve this problem? I have exactly this problem with version (g) for almost a year. I mention that I have this problem on two different workstations. The errors are in the attached pictures only in Romanian
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