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  1. It was great. Technical Support helped my through Kavremover. KPM is working fine since. Thank you, Flood.
  2. Hello, Flood. I´m sorry for the lapse. I´ve been very busy in the last days. I´m still dealing with the KPM issue. I´ll answer your last message now: 1. Ok 2. I did it. 3. It really doesn´t exist, but in one of my trials to solve the problem, I´ve downloaded the xpi file from this forum. Someone provided it in another conversation. I already lost that file (the downloaded one) and the link of the conversation. Sorry if I didn´t make myself clear. 4. No. I don´t even know it. Should I try it? 5. Try, you mean, unninstall and install all again? Just another information: I have two computers: a desktop and a notebook (the problem occurs only on the notebook). Both have almost the same configuration (i7, Win 10), and both has the same Mozilla and Kaspersky version. The KPM works fine on the desktop.
  3. Version 1903 / 18362.418 (Sorry, is this the number you asked as build?) Yes, it is Mozilla. Yes. Yes. Actually the Key is not even appearing on the navigator and the extention is not available on the Adds-Ons page. I´ve repeated the uninstall and install again several times. When I tried to install the extension from the xpi file I had, I saw the Key, but it was grey and still not working. Is there some other print I can provide to help? Not yet. I´m doing it right now.
  4. Sorry, my Mozilla version is 70.0 (64 bit). I was using copy/paste but I may have done something wrong while copying.
  5. 1- Windows 10 home x64 2- KPM (d) / 1570808480_6318 (licensed) 3- Firefox (d) / 1570808480_6318 My KMP aplication works fine, but not within Mozilla. The KPM used to work well. Suddently the “green key icon” gets red, and stopped working (none of my passwords could be filled by KPM anymore). There was a message asking me to restart the computer so the KPM could work again. I restarted the computer but nothing happened. So I unistalled Mozilla and the whole Kaspersky package and re-instaled all again (I did deleted all the files of the system before re-install). Now I can´t add the extention anymore. I tried to install the extention from the file, but the file xpi isn´t there. Then I downloaded the xpi file from this forum, but in another conversation. But nothing I did make KPM work again. The Kaspersky Protection works fine within Mozilla, but nothing makes the KPM work again. I already wasted a lot of hours trying to fix it, but no sucess.
  6. I´m having the same problem. I´ve tried everything you all said here. The file kpm.xpi doesn´t exist in my Kaspersky folder. I´m pretty annoyed and upset!!!
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