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  1. it worked, it solved all the problems, all the apps are working again vaaaleu! Thank you very much!
  2. The same problem occurred here, last week, Discord no longer opened, and the Notion application recently also stopped opening and last Friday could not git push in any remote repository. Everything that is going to work normally when disabled Kaspersky ... In this case Discord was in loop in the modal saying that he could not make an update. The notion was on a white screen and a modal appeared saying he couldn't connect to the internet. And in the case of GIT, whether by terminal, as by VSCode or GitDesktop, all appeared the same error: "Fatal: Unable to Access 'https: //gitlab.xxxx': Send Failure: Connection Was Reset" Curiosity that Kaspersky VPN is also stating that I have no internet. As I said, everything went back to work normally after disabling Kaspersky I use Windows 10 and I use Karpersky for over 2 years. All these problems began now in early February
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