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  1. Hello @Danila T. I just rebooted my macbook and now Kaspersky is not slowing down the boot! Thank you very much for your patience and please send my regards to the kaspersky dev team! Marking your post a solution. Luca
  2. Thank you @Danila T. this is a far more professional and respectful approach. My sincere gratitude.
  3. @Danila T. please stop marking your own post as "solution" as this is not the case. I'll mark the proper solution when it comes. Thanks, Luca EDIT: nothing personal of course. It is just a matter of respect for the future users that will read this thread looking for a real solution. Thanks.
  4. So, @Danila T. can we have some info form Kaspersky devs, please? Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi @Rockthehousein I didn’t mark this post as solved. Somebody from the forum administration marked it as solved (I don’t know why anyway). I agree that this seems to be a problem related to Kaspersky Plus and not to other vendors or versions. So maybe a workaround exists. Thanks, Luca EDIT: I was able to unmark this as solved
  6. Hi @Danila T. and thank you for your reply. Uhm no, that’s not the case, I used Trend Micro AV for about 6 months without any issue, then I switched to Kaspersy Plus and this problem occurred.
  7. Hello, yesterday I installed Kaspersky Plus on my MacBook Air M1 (running latest version of Ventura). Since then, I'm experiencing very slow logins: after I enter my password, I have to wait about 2-2:30 minutes before to reach the desktop. I tried to uninstall Kaspersky Plus and the problem was fixed. I reinstalled Kaspersky Plus and the problem re-occured. What can be done to fix this issue? Is there anyone else experincing this? Thanks a lot.
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