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  1. I don't believe anyone from Kaspersky will actually admit it's their problem. Their app for MacOS has gotten worse, over time, and as of May, I've uninstalled it. I'm just following this thread to see if Kaspersky finally has to admit they have an issue. Not holding my breath.
  2. Exactly what specifics are you talking about? Without that info, how in the world would Apple evn address this?
  3. Let's be clear. This issue is not apparent in any other anti-malware program I have installed (I have licenses for most all major Mac anti-malware products). This is a Kaspersky unique problem caused by a delay start-up script, which Kaspersky installs.
  4. Release 179(b) did not solve this issue. Unfortunate. Kaspersky is going to lose this customer because of inattention to detail.
  5. When I installed Kaspersky on my Mac mini, I got a notification that a "delayed_start.sh" script was installed. I will bet a kidney that is the culprit. Maybe Kaspersky personnel can shed some light on why this script is necessary.
  6. I have the same issue and got the same run-around under a separate posting. Kaspersky AV is not perfect, but the sentiment in this forum seems to lean otherwise.
  7. Since the latest update in January 2023, this product: 1. No longer detects malware samples on-access. I must run the scanner for it to detect and remediate the malware. 2. Boot-up time now takes approximately 2 minutes. This is a totally new and aggravating feature. 3. Cannot change settings as the "padlock" won't unlock. I have contacted support and have had them peruse my desktop, without results. I have also have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and still get the issues in 1, 2, and 3. Suggestions or comments?
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