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  1. So I got the 30-day trial version of the Kaspersky standard plan because I have been through hell dealing with excessive resource usage when I tried the imbedded version of Mcafee and Bitdefender. That is why I wanted to play it safe with the standard version w/o too many things running in the background. I did not know that the big K was so good in terms of performance so I would like to give it a try to the next version because of the VNP. I only have a few questions. Is it possible to change from the standard trial to the next better plan trial during the 30 days? I would only upgrade because of the VPN. Is it possible to only use the VPN without getting annoying messages asking me to activate those? How do I upgrade during the trial? And do I have to pay upfront because of the upgrade even if I am within the 30 days?
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