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  1. i was browsing a site then a pop up wanted to download apk in my device i clicked cancel but kaspersky detected a file and it said that an infected file cannot be placed in quarantine after that i didn't find the apk in my downlaod folder
  2. Yeah its working and Kaspersky stopped locking my phone thank you
  3. Today Kaspersky locked my galaxy j6 plus without my command and it keeps doing it i want to know if the sim watcher did it cause i dropped My phone and the sim card isn't connected to my phone
  4. Hello @LeYoucef, Welcome! 💥KTS, About a data vault - If you lose or forget the password, you will not be able to recover your data💥 It depends how you configured the backup when you set it up, did you select to save to the online option OneDrive? Delete data vault window, to perform this action, the password used to create the vault is required. You may wish to discuss with Kaspersky support, however, they will not be able to recover the password. Thank you🙏 Flood🐳+🐋 so i can't delete it ?
  5. I created a data vault 4 months ago but i forgot the password so i was asking if the files in the data vault are stored in my local storage or online and i want to delete the vault how ?
  6. i was in facebook then i clicked a link but kaspersky blocked it am i safe ?
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