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  1. //edit I was just browsing the Surfshark site and was searching their Docs. First search for Chrome - fine. Searched again for Firefox and the docs opened in Finnish! Do you think I can rid Chrome of this problem by uninstalling it and re-installing? Or is something hidden somewhere else? Thanks for the link. I removed Brave (but I’ll re-install later) Reset Chrome and deleted all extensions except those I can’t live without. Seems fine now and I’ll report back in a day or so but even the Google search results look like it’s fixed. BTW - This only affected Chrome and not Firefox. I think it may have been a history extension in Chrome.
  2. Don't know where else to seek help so I came here hoping for an answer. Windows 10Pro OS Build 19044.1526 Version 21H2 KIS I did a full scan, then installed Malwarebytes and scanned. Both returned clean. About a week ago in Chrome, I was searching for something and noticed that if I hovered over a result, the "hand" pointer didn't appear, just the arrow. I clicked anyway and was taken to what looks like a related legitimate site. As an example, this morning I searched for "icann lookup" in Chrome and, as above, when I clicked on the screen I was taken to GoDaddy's whois lookup page. Another example, I was using the Brave browser with TouchVPN and clicking "next" on a site I have visited before, the screen was overlaid and the page was blurred and showed something about Google. I just searched again for "icann lookup" and at the top pf the listing is a box that says "trending now on Bing" with images of news stories. I am including the url of a search in Chrome that redirected to Bing. https://www.bing.com/search?q=santa%20fe%20web%20design&pc=0PME&ptag=C19N12AF0EA68B158&form=CONBNT&conlogo=CT3210127Any help appreciated
  3. Sorry for the delay, but “What happens if Anti-banner is set to Allow on this website “ Fixed the issue.
  4. When I click on a news story that has/is a video it doesn’t play. If I Pause Protection, it does play and these news videos all have a lead in advertisement. I’m not certain which option in KIS to disable. I’ll suffer thru the Ads to see the video. Would someone advise which setting needs to be changes? Thanks - Lance
  5. Well, I re-installed, KIS remembered my license, etc. and just not after doing a System backup using TODO, and rebooting, I noticed KIS in the system tray was Red. It said some components were corrupted. I checked the base filtering engine and it was running. I created a GSI but for some reason https://www.getsysteminfo.com/home doesn’t show it uploading. After re-booting KIS is green and doesn’t show an error.
  6. Sorry, I tried uninstalling from the Windows settings and it just hung. I download kavremover and uninstalled. Download the app now.
  7. Windows 10 I was about to run a manual scan and noticed KIS wasn’t in the task bar. Tried to launch it from the desktop but still didn’t launch. Restarted but the same. Before I uninstall and re-install thought I’d post first
  8. Flood - New computer being setup without KIS installed. 4 Computers temporarily - I will deactivate her old PC after Christmas
  9. I bought my wife a new PC for Christmas. I’d like to finish setting it up before I put it under the tree. I have a 3 user version activated on three computers. Will I run into trouble installing and using my key on her new laptop?
  10. Berny - Did as you suggested and the full scan came back clean. So I’m proceeding under the assumption I’m not infected.
  11. Can’t be sure but I clicked on an email link from a “trusted” source. A Wordpress template provider. KIS intercepted the site and I closed the browser window. Bad URL : https_://www.inkthemes.com Then KIS said it was going to try and disinfect. Then said to reboot and when I closed the KIS window there was a MS Defender window that said it had disinfected the file. Problem is, I can’t find any reports in KIS or MSDefender that confirms the file was either quarantined or removed. For some reason this is in KIS reports: 29.11.2019 08.18.15;Rootkit Scan (canceled);Objects detected: 1, neutralized: 0, not disinfected: 1;1;0;1;Today, 11/29/2019 4:40 AM;56 seconds;Today, 11/29/2019 8:19 AM I Exited KIS and ran ESET. MalwareBytes and TDSKiller and all came back clean. What to do? Moderation Edit : Link Bad URL disabled
  12. Pause KIS and try it again - it will load just fine
  13. Win10 up to date Chrome up to date Here's what I just found, I did a search on Google: ttps://www.google._com/search?q=Lead+Magnet&rlz=1C1CHBD_enUS809US809&oq=Lead+Magnet&aqs=chrome..69i57&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8] Clicked on the link and got the black screen. Clicking the link from my post and the site loads fine! (?) BTW - I don't care much for the new Forum. It's very slow and times out.
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