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  1. Unfortunately, the latest release has caused my 2020 MacBook Air to use more CPU and memory than the previous version. CPU usage is not insignificant.
  2. Thanks. Those articles are indeed helpful, but don’t address the question I posed. I’ll wait to see what other responses I may receive before I trouble the folks at Kaspersky support.
  3. I notice that real-time scanning of malicious test files does not appear to occur for .zip files or DMG files. Why is that?
  4. Thanks. KIS support can’t replicate my problem, doesn’t agree I have one. Looking for confirmation one way, or the other.
  5. I’m running an M1 Macbook Air with KIS for the Mac, version© . To test the product I D/L about 50 malware samples from Objective-See. When I unzip the malware, KIS real-time protection doesn’t appear to do anything on the majority of the samples. Only when I manually scan these samples ar they detected and blocked. Shouldn’t real-time protection catching these?
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