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  1. We have Kaspersky endpoint security 35 license. we want to upgrade license from Kaspersky endpoint security to Kaspersky endpoint security cloud plus. so is it possible to upgrade license. Is there any rules if it is possible.
  2. Is it possbile to block usb control access in kaspersky small office 7. If it does’t support usb restrictions. please suggest me which is one better?
  3. Thanks for the quick response on the issue. Below Detailed report. 1.Operating system, version, build, release? Ans: Windows 8 & 8.1 professional 64 bit. 2. All installed Kaspersky software: full name(s), version(s), patch(s)? Ans: kaspersky endpoint security 3.Was any Kaspersky software installed before: "installed kaspersky endpoint security"? Ans: No 4.Does the issue happen 24x7? Ans: No, only sometimes 5.Have you uninstalled and re installed the Kaspersky software? Ans:yes,I tried uninstall and re install. But i did not change anything. 6.Are any VPNs in use when the "system unresponsive" events happen? Ans: No, we don’t use vpn. 7.What actions do you take when the issue happens? Ans: I don’t know how to solve this issue. I try uninstall and re install the kaspersky when this issue happen. Stop the updates. May I know the reasons of this issue. That would be of great help if it has been resolved. Thanks and Regards, Laxmikanth
  4. Sometimes system becomes unresponsive and hanging issues after install kaspersky endpoint security. This issue happening only in windows 8, 10. but it's working fine in windows 7. why it is happening this issue. Can anyone help me?
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