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  1. Hi Flood and Flood’s Wife, Hallelujah!! Finally after many melt downs this website is now working perfectly again!! So simple. The thing is I didn’t even think of Kaspersky blocking it somehow! Big Thanks again Flood! Cheers LadyBeetle 🐞
  2. Hi I have been having similar issues with a very important website I use and have had to resort to using another browser, however the other browser isn’t as easy to use and ease of use is very important. This problem has been going on for approximately a year. I have spent a very long time trying to find a solution but only a few others have mentioned having the same issue with the particular website, so it’s clearly not a problem with firefox or the website. These others have changed browser. A couple of solutions have been mentioned but no instructions given on how to disable this injection. I have searched for Advanced - Network.. Nothing. Same with trying to close the ports as mentioned as another solution. Can someone please post specific instructions on how to do this as I really need to access this website from firefox. Thank you
  3. Hi, Thanks for the help. All done now and solved! Cheers LadyBeetle
  4. Hi Berny Thank you for pinned message - Topic. I did get the update working from the link I shared however I have continued with these instructions and implemented this as well: Settings > Additional > Network > Proxy server > select Do Not use proxy server. And this: Settings > Additional > Reports and quarantine > check Log Non-critical events. Then do an update. Just to be sure it’s right! Thanks Cheers LadyBeetle
  5. Hi Have solved it myself by running one of these. https://support.kaspersky.com/common/start/6105 If there is anything else that needs to be done please post. Thanks Cheers LadyBeetle
  6. I have just installed a new router and have 2 issues. The first being the browser protection which was resolved as Kaspersky sent a link with the alert. However Kaspersky is not updating since I turned the new router on. How can this be resolved please? Cheers LadyBeetle
  7. Hi Flood Thank You for your kind assistance. Cheers LadyBeetle🐞
  8. Hi Flood, Thanks for the screenshot! That explains it clearly! Cheers LadyBeetle🐞
  9. Hi Flood. Except none of that comes up for me. Thanks LadyBeetle
  10. Hi Flood. I can't get past the first steps as I can't find where to pause the protection. Thank you LadyBeetle
  11. Hi Flood I started the procedure as per 5 months ago and the above is different and looks simpler for me to follow. I have already downloaded the new install so should I delete that and start again as you have outlined? Thank You LadyBeetle🐞
  12. Hi Flood, I might follow the same procedure on the new computer as per the procedure from 5 months ago for this one. Thanks Cheers LadyBeetle🐞
  13. Hi Flood, Yes I do thanks. I will slowly go through this again. Can I just run something else past you please? I bought a new computer and downloaded Kaspersky Internet Security. When I went to use the onscreen keyboard I couldn’t get the cursor to work. It got stuck and the letters were showing green jumping all over the place as if I was clicking on them. I deleted the Kaspersky and re-installed it but it continued to do this. Completely clean new computer. Nothing on it other than firefox. I use the computer onscreen keyboard as it is impossible to use the Kaspersky onscreen keyboard. Thanks Ladybeetle 🐞
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