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  1. Hello, Since the latest update ( / 1661163879_7232 / 1.0.523.0- the font used for credentials have changed and it looks funny Is there any way to change it as I do not like it and sometimes it is difficult to read some of the characters/letters. Thanks Kruk
  2. Thanks, but this make sense only if Kaspersky Plus is subscribed in 2025 (at the end of the validity of KTS license). So this suggests only that KTS application can be used till around 2025 and then new subscription for Kaspersky Plus app. I actually was on chat with Kaspersky Support. Please see below: Support: KTS license can't be converted to Kaspersky Plus. Please use KTS until expires then only purchase Kaspersky Plus. Also: Q: will KTS still be working fine through 2023-2025? A: It will work until year 2025 Q: will Kaspersky still be updating the KTS database? A: Yes can be updated. Q: KTS licenses are still available to buy on Kaspersky UK and Amazon UK, when this will be blocked? A: The license is still sold in our official website in fact. We re not able to advice you on when it will be block. As KTS is still working and not stop for now. So this suggests that KTS will be still available for another 2 years. But this can change. They are still selling old products licenses so they need to honour this or refund customers regardless of channel they used to buy keys (as long as from legal source 🙂 ). We just need to see and wait. I still hope they will move KTS to Plus for free 🤞 So it looks like that in my case I just need to use what I have stocked and in 2025 move to Kaspersky Plus.
  3. Thanks For a time being I will stick to KTS as long as they will be regularly updating the database. I will not give up the 2y/10 devices licences for free. Maybe they will change their mind re free move from KTS to Kaspersky Plus and honour the KTS license. Again many thanks for the responses.
  4. At the end of last year I bought a digital KTS activation code/licence for 10 devices/2 years on Amazon.co.uk This is my backup code to be used in April 2023 when my current activation will expire. Kaspersky Plus is now available in UK. Will I be able to use current KTS activation to switch to Kaspersky Plus and then in April 2023 backup activation to renew Kaspersky Plus? If this is possible is there a link to the guide showing how to do this? If not possible will the backup activation code still be valid in April 2023 for use on KTS? Will the Kaspersky Plus subscription also applies to Android devices?
  5. Hi, I also experiencing the same problem. I did not done the clean boot but after exiting KTS all is working fine. Once KTS is started all starts again. Reinstall did not helped. I will try to raise request as suggested.
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