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  1. Thank you FLOOD, I’ll have to defer for this one as I can’t devote more time on this matter and have just resorted to using Chromium Edge as my default browser. Dave Onn has built an outstanding set of screen capture and even edited those to make them super easy to follow with his detailed explanation of the problem. I suggest you might ask him to edit the title of his OP so it is easier to find when we search the community for this problem. I will add that you have appeared to me as a tremendous asset on these forums. You bring direction and comfort to us users caught with a problem or misunderstanding. You are like the SIRI, the Bixby, the Cortana, the Alexa of these forums ;-) Thank you so much for your support and nudging,
  2. Hello, After having installed KIS2021, I now can’t sign out of Youtube when using Firefox. Edge Chromium and Chrome appear to have no issues. Also, I can’t add a video to a playlist using the plus sign under video window: nothing happens when clicking the “plus sign”. Also, I can’t add a video to a playlist when hovering mouse pointer over video preview tile and over the Watch Later icon : A dialog box opens instead and asks to sign in when it appears I am already signed in. When I click sign in, the page changes to an error 405 page and with this message: The request method GET is inappropriate for the URL /youtubei/v1/browse/edit_playlist . If I disable anti-banner protection entirely, I get no errors and all Youtube functions work. BUT I get Ads in videos I watch. Grrrr! If I use the Kaspersky plugin 2021 in Firefox to allow banners in Youtube, problems remain, I am running Windows 10 Home x64 Build 19041 KIS (a) Firefox 79.0 (64-bit)
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