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  1. Dear @george_ogden, thank you for your response. Sadly it is not just plagiarism, it has gone now so far that Kaspersky Employee removed my origonal post, but left the copied answer by @Anton Aleksandrovich. I understand the goal is to help. But this is not fair in a community. Your topic posts are your own, aren't it? How can they just remove it. How can I trust Kaspersky and help if my content is being violated, copied and changed.
  2. @Anton, why did you copy my initial support answer to someone else's question and posted it as your own?? Link
  3. Dear Kaspersky Community, I thought of sharing a solution to something that recently has hit a lot of users where Outlook email attachments are showing as blank icons and the file extension changes to underscores in the last character, for example: “.pdf” shows as “.pd_”, “.docx” as “.doc_” “.png” as “.pn_” Email pictures included in HTML formats are also broken and the right-click properties all greyed out. Solution: Close outlook. Open Kaspersky Internet Security > Go to Protection (left pane) > Mail-Anti-Virus > Advanced Settings > disable the renaming of all extentions, leaving the dangerous ones enabled: *.bat, *.сmd, *.com, *.exe, *.js, *.jse, *.msi, *.scr, *.vbe, *.vbs. Open Outlook. This solution fixes all new incoming email. Unfortunately past emails affected by this will not be changed - so to manually solve this: show extensions > save attachment file type without the "_", then file properties and unblock.
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