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  1. I ran a Full Scan and Kapersky found a number of Trojans which I deleted. Unfortunately I don’t have a recent backup. I assumed that Kapersky has sufficient credibilty so I was not too concerned. I uninstalled and no change. I am meticulous with creating restore points so I restored to before I installed Kapersky. When restore finished I got an error to say that the restore point was corrupted and that no files had been changed. I went back to restore to try an earlier restore point and all of my restore points have disappeared. At this point I searched my drive and my registry and emoved every instance of Kapersky. Somehow I will have to get through without my historical emails. After this experience I will never again consider Kapersky, and I have already created a summary of this nightmare and sent it to everyone in my address book. Forewarned is forearmed. Thanks to those that replied.
  2. Hi … I installed Kapersky Free and after running a scan all of my emails have no body. I use Thunderbird and Windows 7. Is there a way to recover my emails in full? Thanks Karl
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