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  1. Upgraded password manager on 2 macs on 4/24/20. Both reverted to unpaid versions and would not connect to my account. I did the same thing on 2 computers, but it only worked on one: - on computer, deleted Kaspersky Password Manager (rebooted) - on myKaspersky, disconnected Password Manager from each device. I have one license left. - on myKaspersky, added password manager as new device, and downloaded…… At this point in each case I was transferred for the download to the mac store, downloaded the software and installed. On one computer (macbook pro) the window opened to connect to myKaspersky and the connection was successful. On the second computer (Mac Pro 2013), the connection was unsuccessful and now each subsequent repetition of the above steps only opens a new install of the program, asking me to set up a master password. My initial myKaspersky server is in Toronto and I’m in California. That hasn’t been a problem lately, but I used to have to specify the server or it wouldn’t authenticate my login to myKaspersky. It shouldn’t be so hard. I’m willing to forgive a lot of things on this password manager while they get fixed, but I can’t get around this.
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